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RE: Access Database

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by xRoachx, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. xRoachx

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    Hey Karen, please post more specific information so we can attempt to help.
    What I mean is, we need to know things like:

    -How many tables are we dealing with? One - Patient info?
    -What information are you trying to keep?
    -Are you familiar with relationships?

    But I will try to help based on some assumptions. I assume that you have a
    table of patients (tblPatients) and you would like to track
    appointments/visits. To do this, you need at least two tables, one for the
    patients (tblPatients) and one for the appointments (tblAppointments).

    In tblPatients, you should have a primary key. Use this primary key to
    create a one-to-many relationship with a foreign key in tblAppointments.
    This will allow you to have one Patient record with all of the pertinent
    personal information and multiple appointment records related to each patient.

    "Karen" wrote:

    > I have a database with alot of patient information with dates. Instead of
    > re-creating the same patient info and add new info for the patient, how can I
    > edit the old with new info and keep both.
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