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RE: A Way To Simplify This Database For Automation

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Tricia Young, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. Tricia Young

    Tricia Young
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    "Paul (ESI)" wrote:

    > Okay, this one is a toughie, so I'll understand if nobody can help. I also
    > have to apologize for the length of this post, but I want to explain this as
    > best I can. It's had me stumped. I am creating a database for my company. We
    > hope to simplify it so that it can be integrated with another system and run
    > automatically. The problem we run into is that there is far too much manual
    > work needed in the current proccess to automate it, but perhaps one of you
    > can help.
    > The tables are employee info with the employee's extension and supervisor as
    > a joint primary key. The supervisor is therefore linked to a table that lists
    > each supervisor with their manager (higher up than a supervisor). The
    > extension is linked to several weekly tables of data on how each employee did
    > for the week in their stats (we are a call center). This data cannot be
    > changed, so we cannot add fields to these weekly tables. The reporting system
    > used to give the data cannot be changed.
    > One report shows each employee by supervisor, their stats including a
    > calculated total field, and the averages for each supervisor. Next, another
    > report does the same thing for each supervisor by manager.
    > The problem comes in on the next needed report. The weekly reports work fine
    > and PROBABLY could be automated. However, we run into a problem when we want
    > to do a trending report. What we want is to show each previous week, the
    > current week, and the difference (improvement) from the last week to the
    > current. We would settle for only being able to show the last week, the
    > current week, and the difference between the two. We cannot seem to simplify
    > this. It becomes way too manual. We end up having to copy all of the numbers
    > from the other reports into two new tables, one for supervisor trend and one
    > for manager trend.
    > The problem is that we are unable to pull over the calculations from the
    > other reports to calculate the needed data for the trend reports. The reason
    > this is such a problem is because the data needed for the trend reports is
    > data that is not in any table, (it is now, though, because of the trend
    > tables we are hoping we don't need) but is instead calculated in the other
    > reports. Thank you to anybody who can help, and anybody who cannot, thank you
    > anyway. I would understand if nobody can. This seems difficult.
    > --
    > Have a nice day!
    > ~Paul
    > Express Scripts,
    > Charting the future of pharmacy
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