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Print Multiple PDFs

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Matt, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Matt

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    I am using Stephen Lebans code:

    From my form, I want users to be able to click a button that opens 25
    separate PDF files using (I have it opening 25 separate reports because I
    can't figure out how to have one report opened 25 times for each district,
    creating 25 separate reports in acrobat):

    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-All01", vbNullString,
    "District 1" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-All02", vbNullString,
    "District 2" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-All03", vbNullString,
    "District 3" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-All04", vbNullString,
    "District 4" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-All05", vbNullString,
    "District 5" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-All08", vbNullString,
    "District 8" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-All09", vbNullString,
    "District 9" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-All14", vbNullString,
    "District 14" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-All15", vbNullString,
    "District 15" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-All16", vbNullString,
    "District 16" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-All17", vbNullString,
    "District 17" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-All18", vbNullString,
    "District 18" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-All19", vbNullString,
    "District 19" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-All20", vbNullString,
    "District 20" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-All21", vbNullString,
    "District 21" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-All22", vbNullString,
    "District 22" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-All23", vbNullString,
    "District 23" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-All27", vbNullString,
    "District 27" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-All28A", vbNullString,
    "District 28A" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-All28B", vbNullString,
    "District 28B" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-All28C", vbNullString,
    "District 28C (Foothill)" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-All28Co", vbNullString,
    "District 28C (Outfall)" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-All29", vbNullString,
    "District 29" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-AllSBC", vbNullString, "South
    Bay Cities District" & ".PDF", False)
    blRet = ConvertReportToPDF("rptConnFee-AllSCV", vbNullString, "Santa
    Clarita Valley District" & ".PDF", False)

    From Lebans' code.

    With the current setup, only 9 of the 25 reports will open in acrobat. The
    9 reports are different every time. Is there a limit as to how many PDFs
    that can be opened. Or is there something else i should add to my code.

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