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Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by newstips6706@yahoo.com, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. newstips6706@yahoo.com

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    NOTE From The Author of Ueber Alles:

    The following a letter I sent to the president of WESTERN WASHINGTON
    UNIVERSITY, Karen W. Morse

    I hope everyone is outraged at what happened to me. It can happen to
    anyone. We, as people who love The Truth - that is, use it in our work
    must stand against this type of aggression.
    I was thrown into prison for "studying"! After running into the same
    university police officer for 5 times in one school year. Wherein he
    waited until Memorial Day Weekend to
    show this very unacceptable behavior from a person trusted by The
    University and Students.

    I am now trying to secure attorneys to fight this all the way. Please
    take your time to investigate this matter and express your outrage to
    the President of WESTERN & THE PRESS, yourself.
    This is her email address: president@wwu.edu

    Thank You.

    The Author of Ueber Alles.


    RE: PRESS RELEASE - Notice of Impending LEGAL ACTION Against WESTERN on

    Copies to: Attorneys/Press/Professors

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a Physicist (BS 1995), a student at WESTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY
    and I have made an important scientific discovery - The 4th Dimension.
    I will not get into scientific details, but Einstein's suggestion that
    the 4th Dimension is "TIME" is not correct.

    I have been a student at Western Washington University since 2003.
    What I am doing here is use the Library and other facilities, while a
    student to help me do work to explain my scientific discovery. I am
    doing my own private research while a student (INDEPENDENT LEARNING) to
    be able make arrangements with WESTERN and Corporations on future
    scientific work ( that is now under Nobel consideration) I will
    undertake. I plan to contact Engineering, Mathematics, Physics
    professors at WESTERN by September 1, 2006. I have also contacted
    Universities around the world to alert them to my work.

    This new discovery will help LAW - ENFORCEMENT, so I have taken the
    liberty of seeking a meeting with The FBI, CIA, and NSA.

    I am writing to protest the constant harassment of your University
    Police - I name University Police, J. Alexander [ UP# 863 ]. He has
    persistently harassed me on campus and I believe it is because I am a
    Black Man.

    To the effect, he gave me a "Criminal Trespass", THEN had me arrested
    and thrown in county jail (5.27.2006) my crime was "studying"; I have a
    VALID WESTERN ID CARD , valid until September 2006 - I have paid
    Western Washington University, tuition; myself. This mental Grief and
    Distress is now "unbearable".

    Note before: University Police, J. Alexander [ UP# 863 ], has met me
    at that location (where he gave me the "Criminal Trespass") 2 weeks
    back and I explained to him that with my discovery, insomnia, and
    INDEPENDENT work at Western - I stay up all night (DO "all nighters" )
    to work - I need a quiet area and the university is it. I have been
    doing this since September 2005!

    I have created a website to explain my discovery, it is called : "Ueber
    Alles - The Struggle of Kurt Schwierige" - It reads like a movie, but I
    use this teaching technique so people can learn complex ideas with

    A of all my Technical Papers is as follows.

    (1) New Ideas in Relativity
    [ Physics ]

    (2) PI made Rational
    [ Physics / Mathematics ]

    (3) Game Theory
    [ Computer Systems Engineering / Machine Science / Computer Science /
    Neuroscience / Physics / Mathematics / 4D-Space Theory ]

    (4) Machine Science
    [ Computer Science / Neuroscience / Computer Systems Engineering ]

    (5) Machine Programming
    [ Computer Systems Engineering / Machine Science / Computer Science /
    Neuroscience / Physics / Mathematics / Music / Psychology ]

    (6) 4D-Space Games
    [ Video Games played via "thought" : Virtual Reality Video Games Made
    Real... Computer Systems Engineering / Machine Science / Computer
    Science / Neuroscience : "Play With The Future, Today." ]

    (7) Reflection, Light & Properties of "The Invisible"
    [ Physics & Engineering ]

    (8) Grid Computing, Virtual Machines & Internet Inefficiency
    [ Computer Science ]

    (9) The Unified Field Theory
    [ Physics ]

    (10) The Operating System of Organic Machines
    [ Computer Systems Engineering / Machine Science / Computer Science /
    Neuroscience / Physics / Mathematics / 4D Space Theory ]

    I am urgently asking for your assistance on this matter. I am at my
    wits end and I think I do not need to justify my scientific work to
    University Police, I just let them understand that I am a legal
    student, with legal / valid ID and I am causing no trouble to anyone.

    I will seek Legal Counsel on the events that happened on May 27, 2006.
    I have tried to go and speak with an official, but was handcuffed (FOR
    BEING ON SCHOOL PROPERTY), was given another citation and was escorted
    off campus.

    Now, I have been made to understand, I now have to show up in court
    twice, this Trespass carries a maximum FINE of 90 days in JAIL and
    $1000 Penalty. I NOW have a CRIMINAL RECORD as a result of the events
    that happened on 5.27.2006.

    It is a real tragedy that matters should lead to this, with such an
    important scientific discovery - I was planning to name Western
    Washington University, my school for Research and Development.

    How to contact me is listed on my Website.

    Thank You.

    The Author of Ueber Alles.
    [ A very Disgusted Student ]
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