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Populating A DB With Subset Of Another DB

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by jimt, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. jimt

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    I have an Access 2000 that I would like to export/populate the data only
    periodically (probably weekly) into another DB that can be FTP to a web site.
    The "local" DB has about 110 tables while the "web" DB only has about 40
    tables of the 110 tables. The structure and data in tables for both DB will
    be the same. However, other than the tables, the Web DB does have some
    queries that are used to present data on the web site pages.

    I would like to create a form to call a procedure to "refresh" the data in
    the Web DB with the data from the Local DB. A copy of the Web DB may be
    stored on the local drive and then FTP to the host after the refresh. I need
    to automate the process as much as possible since the procedure will be
    performed by a town clerk with no significant computer experience.

    My question is what is the best way to "refresh" the Web DB data? Some
    possible senerios I have thought of are:

    1. Write a set of queries to clear the table in the web DB and then
    repopulate the data (this would mean about 40 queries.)

    2. Write code to dynamically clear and populate the tables via looping
    through the Web DB table objects.

    3. Create an additional DB to store the Web queries (I think at this point I
    want to keep the Web queries separate from the local DB although that's not a
    show stopper), "kill" the Web DB and export the table to new Web DB and then
    export the queries from the "stored queries) DB into the new Web DB.

    4. Not a choice I'm pursueing at the moment is to include the web queries in
    the local DB and simply FTP the local DB to the web as the Web DB. The
    advantage is it is simple (no additional work required) and provides a
    off-site back-up capability. The hesitation is security of the data in the
    tables not required in the Web version.

    5. _____??? your thoughts / suggestions on which or other methods that
    would be best for refreshing the data in the Web DB?

    Jim T.
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