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"Out Of Memory" When Trying To Output Record On One Specific Variable

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by bradjensmith@gmail.com, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. bradjensmith@gmail.com

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    I receive a "Out of Memory" error in my VB module when trying to update
    a table with data from an SQL query. I receive the error when trying
    to output a variable
    !ALTEMPLID = in_recs.Fields("ALTEMPLID").

    It even errors when I just try to update !ALTEMPLID = "X"
    ALTEMPLID is a text field with 255 length

    Any ideas??

    Here's an excerpt:

    Open "C:\docs\US LOAD\CNVR_PERS_TRNSLTNfuture.txt" For Output As #1 Len
    = 1500

    Do While Not in_recs.EOF

    If in_recs.Fields("US_CAN_IND") = "USA" Then
    USCAN = "HRMS01"
    USCAN = "HRMS02"
    End If

    With out_recs
    !EMPLID = in_recs.Fields("C.EMPLID").Value
    !US_CAN_IND = in_recs.Fields("US_CAN_IND").Value
    !COMPANY = in_recs.Fields("C.COMPANY").Value

    On Error Resume Next
    End With


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