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OT: Low Life Georgia School Board Attorney Richard H. Still And Crony Judges Destroy Ordinary Man's

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Greg G., Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Greg G.

    Greg G.
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    Be wary of powerful people. They will screw you in a heartbeat and
    leave you for dead after stealing all you have worked for your entire
    life. This is what you can expect from modern day Republicans.

    You probably aren't going to believe a word of this - it's pretty
    wild. All I can say is, it's all true as presented to me by the legal
    system of the state of Georgia. And if you think that it's strange,
    hey, you should try LIVING it. The works of Shakespeare are rivaled
    by life itself - nothing which can be imagined by one man is quite as
    strange as the way life itself unfolds. So... please set aside a few
    moments of time and look this over.

    Here it is, with links to a few court documents and all.

    I am currently finishing a book about and plan to publish this story,
    although I will most likely have to move again to avoid further
    recompense. I have copies and originals of all documents, briefs, and
    rulings tendered in this matter - which is outrageous, to say the
    least. I also have copies stashed from Texas to New Jersey.
    Paranoia seems to be a survival trait.

    In Sept of 1987, I was arrested for several crimes of arson which, in
    reality, were perpetrated by a local school board attorney's son.
    It turns out that he was also suspected of numerous other fires,
    including those at a school, an apartment, a Kroger grocery store,
    several cars, etc.


    I was arrested without warrant, although one was subsequently
    issued an hour later. I was not Mirandized nor informed of the
    arrest until I was thrown into a cell - at that point believing that
    I was going to the investigator's office to be questioned.

    I appeared before Judge Richard Faber for arraignment later that day,
    and succeeded in reducing the bond from $10,000 to $8,000.
    The arresting agent later that day determined that I was innocent
    but due to the attorney Still's ex-parte communications with the Cobb
    County Superior Court Judge James Bodiford, my bond was revoked and
    I was stripped of clothing, thrown into the pad, subjected to
    unwarranted psychological exams, polygraphs, and held for several
    weeks without bail. Attorney Still, Jr. then attempted to use his
    familiarity with the players involved to his advantage in letters
    written and circulated to the fire department personnel, the District
    Attorneys office, and the Judges involved. (See below.)
    [ex-parte conversations discussed in hearings - Transcripts Available]


    The fire investigator claims to have almost come to physical blows
    with the attorney Still concerning the investigation of his son. He
    then wrote inflammatory letters and distributed them to Judges, the
    DA's office, and fire investigators. Outrageous claims were made, and
    my reputation was generally soiled beyond repair.


    Still, III was whisked off to the local Navy recruiting office,
    several days after the fires I was arrested for were set, and while I
    was still imprisoned.


    I made so much noise that I was eventually released and told to leave
    Cobb County. I had to report to probation officers for months after
    the incident, even though the investigation ceased to center around
    me, and in fact, Still, III was facing an arson indictment of his own.

    After months of waiting, I filed my own pro-se motion to dismiss,
    which was granted almost immediately. Subsequent inquiries
    to the DA were met with threats that "if I didn't leave this alone,
    I would get to see the inside of their new jail complex."

    Wrong answer.

    No one would tell me who these people were, why I had been treated
    in such a fashion, or why I had to report to a probation officer for 6
    months even though it was widely known that I had not been the actual
    perpetrator of the crimes I was arrested for. I lost family, friends,
    and self-respect. Attorney Still managed to convince people I had
    known for 6 years appear before the _fire investigator_ to swear out
    unfounded complaints against me. Of course, it didn't hurt that he was
    the landowner of his business. Women were hired to pry into my
    private affairs and photographs were taken of me unexpectedly in
    public places of their choosing. (Now I know how Marian Berry feels.)

    I hired local attorney Roger Rosen to file a suit against the
    criminals responsible, and he waited until mere days before the
    statute of limitations tolled before informing me that he wouldn't be
    able to handle my case. When leaving his office, I discovered that
    someone had set a fire 2 feet from my vehicle, but the fire department
    was already at the sight extinguishing it. (Subsequent conversations
    with, and depositions of, the Fire Department and Sheriff's Personnel
    revealed that they were vigorously in support of my cause.)

    I filed a Civil suit against the lawyer and son, et al, pro se which
    became known as Cobb County Superior Court Case Number 88-105718-07.


    I had no idea who these people were, only that they had unjustly
    caused me to be arrested for arson - by setting the fires in the first
    place, and then by claiming that I had done so, and would return to
    place bombs in their vehicles at a later date. (above letters and...)


    I was contracting at IBM when I filed this suit, and the day after it
    was filed, I was shown the door and told to, and I quote, "Eat shit
    and bark at the moon." I am relatively convinced that this job was
    contrived to keep me busy until the statute of limitations expired.
    As if some crappy $7.50 an hour job was to replace stolen tools, loss
    of thousands in equity, and the sexual harrassment I had suffered.

    I then tried to find another attorney to pursue this case, but no one
    would touch it. Not one lawyer claimed that I had no case, only that
    they would have no career if they took it. Several became red-faced
    angry and threatened me while ordering me to leave their offices.

    Judge Bodiford, who presided over my bond hearings and revoked bond
    based on Still, Jr. accusations, turned red-faced and threatened that
    "I had better have my I's dotted and my T's crossed" before slamming
    into his chambers - visibly shocking several other attorneys who were
    present at the time.

    The Judge that was "assigned" this case, P. Harris Hines, turned out
    to be the same Judge that had, only months before, dismissed a Grand
    Jury Indictment against the attorney's son for yet ANOTHER case of
    arson in a Kroger Grocery store. He was assigned felony status due to
    his father hiding him away. He is now a Supreme Court Judge for the
    State of Georgia - although not for long.


    Further research revealed that attorney Still was an ex-partner of the
    Chief Superior Court Judge Robert Flournoy, had run for DA as a
    Republican, but failed to be elected in the 1970's. The man who signed
    Still, III's bond was Republican State Senator John Carl Harrison.


    I was threatened, harassed, and told by an individual at Emory Law
    School that "If I didn't leave this alone they would burn me a new
    asshole." This was said in earshot of a more than willing witness.
    The good-old-boy network is alive and well in Georgia.
    And, they were being quite literal, as it turns out.

    I subpoenaed the wife and daughter of Still, Jr. I never got their
    depositions, and they were sent out of the state. The Judge never
    ruled on any of my motions. Instead of recusing himself, Hines
    brought in another Judge from Rome, GA who was to hear my case.
    Apparently, he was going rule unfavorably towards Still, et al, and
    made comments in open court about having read the defendant's criminal
    history. The Chief Superior Court Judge Flournoy's attorney son and
    several of his office workers and a local actor staged a mock divorce
    trial that pushed my case off the visiting Judge's calendar.

    Even though good law was argued, and the defendants never denied
    having set the fires, or that they, in fact, were aware of the
    plaintiff's innocence at the time of his arrest, I never received a
    hearing and was summarily dismissed.

    Among the many other cases, Seidel vs. Greenberg 108 NJ Super 248
    stood out as a leading cite supporting my tort claim.

    I was working at a local computer shop at the time, owned by a man
    I had known since childhood. The building that the business was
    located in was originally owned by the proprietor of the computer
    shop, but had been recently sold to yet another local attorney, Laurie
    Davis. The city of Smyrna wanted the land and was going to take it
    through eminent domain. Davis moved one of his clients, Gordon Gerson
    (a surgeon who had reputedly lost his license to practice) into the
    building. Gerson and his business were in bankruptcy and they had
    moved the business assets from the control of the Bankruptcy trustee,
    into the aforementioned building and took out insurance with State
    Farm - the Still's insurer as well.ll.

    Hines then dismissed my civil case, and after several suspicious
    inquiries as to what I would do next, I informed them that I would
    appeal the decision. The building I worked at was burned to the
    ground several days later - taking with it everything I owned, my
    source of income, and a lifetime accumulation of electronic equipment
    and personal items. This happened 20 feet from the local Smyrna fire

    I appealed the case to the State Appellate court, and then to the
    State Supreme Court. I was declined any justice in this case. I had
    an attorney from another part of the country look over the briefs and
    such I had filed, and he claimed I should have won, and that the
    various briefs and filings were as good as anything he could have


    Even though I was never allowed to obtain depositions from several
    parties involved, and even though I was an eyewitness that could have
    put Still, III in jail for Arson, I was bullied out of the system and
    denied just compensation, or even an explanation or apology. I was
    told to be a good little boy and go away. These people are thieves,
    liars, and con men - bent on protecting their own at any cost.

    The players involved were later rewarded for their cooperation, Judge
    Hines and Carley were both appointed to the State Supreme Court.
    Public pressure, however, removed Still as the school board attorney,
    and from the practice of law in general. The Georgia Bar Association,
    however, refused to discipline him for his outrageous actions.
    He kept the millions he was paid by Cobb County - and his Bar card.

    You see, I saw the truck that was burned shortly before it was set on
    fire, and it had a camper top. This was the second fire of this
    nature I had witnessed. I also personally inspected a BMW automobile
    which was intentionally burned at their home several months before
    this incident occurred I was in California at the time, but inspected
    it upon my arrival home. I worked as a mechanic, and the car had been
    towed to that location. It struck me as quite odd at the time, but I
    dismissed it being irrelevant to my survival at the time.


    After 2 years of waiting, and in response to a subpoena issued to the
    fire department, I learned that the idiot son had removed the camper
    top before burning it. The law firm that represented the County and
    fire investigator was subsequently dismissed without cause. (Unless
    you consider a semi-good faith response to a valid Subpoena as due


    The man knew I wasn't guilty from day one.
    And played the role of the victim throughout this ordeal.

    When Still, III was eventually found and arrested, another fire was
    set at his home, this time accompanied by a scrawled note on the door.


    I was unable to obtain adequate representation, was denied civil
    rights, was harassed, threatened, and later, several attempts were
    made on my life. I have had to essentially live underground for 18
    years in fear that they will continue to try and protect their filthy
    little secrets.

    And although the rulings tendered by these 'Courts' appear to be
    Coram Non Judice, try finding an attorney in this part of the country
    who would take them on without tossing his career out the window.
    Void rulings without signature, rulings by judges who should have been
    recused - continuing cover-ups, threats and arson. This incident
    apparently transcended mere county lines, and has threads that run
    into high levels of state government - and to Indianapolis and beyond.

    When I moved to Florida in 1994, a crazed semi-truck driver attempted
    to run me down on I-95A-N in St. Johns County at 3:00AM. Replete with
    lane dodging, smoking tires and a subsequent pursuit that topped
    120mph for nearly 30 miles. The Semi's Tag Number was 89156E.
    I've had a concrete truck dump a load on my car while traveling 65 MPH
    down J. Turner Butler Blvd in Jacksonville, FL. I truly thought I was
    a dead man as the rocks and mortar crashed into the windshield.
    Fortunately, the old Supra stood up to the task, and the EFI 6
    cylinder had adequate power to outrun a semi.

    In 2000 I went into Mooresville Public Library in Indianapolis and
    mentioned to library director Diane Huerkamp that I was writing a book
    about suing an attorney in GA. She knew of the incident, implored
    I not continue with the book, and that I would never get "anything out
    of that". She admitted knowing DA's in the South and of the parties
    involved. I saw her at a Subway sandwich shop later that day, and she
    ran out the door, leaving her order behind. The two cops sitting
    beside me burst out laughing. Later that day, I was besieged by
    complete strangers who took it upon themselves to inform me that I
    should "Get a Life" and "Up Yours". Then another suspicious fire,
    and the police informed me that an individual was shot in a library
    parking lot. They escorted me out of town and I fled to New Jersey
    and lived with, of all things, a female attorney I had been writing to
    over the Internet. Some of this could have been a really strange
    coincidence, but never before, and never since has anything like this
    happened to me. I don't know who to trust anymore.

    Is this an example of the Justice a citizen may expect from the
    Kangaroo Courts of the U.S.?

    I have lost any faith I had in this country and the powers that rule.
    It seems that these people were all a tightly knit clan of Republican
    good 'ol boys. I also now observe that this behavior is ubiquitous

    They turned a quiet 28 year old who played with the neighborhood kids,
    programmed computers, fixed electronics, staged exotic Halloween
    displays, maintained bird feeders and gardens into an angry, fearful,
    resentful, untrusting individual who cannot now maintain a decent
    relationship with another human. It has been implied that I was
    insane, a drug dealer, and an arsonist. I have gone so far as to
    question my own sanity due to events which surrounded this ordeal. My
    hands still shake when I see a police car or fire truck.

    I have wasted years and moved to three different states to avoid
    reminders of this, only to have it re-appear over and over again.

    I've had a nurse from the Navy's John F. Kennedy move into my home in
    Florida, disappear, then move out - with the parting comment that they
    will someday make a movie about my life. Did the kid do something
    stupid in the Navy and kill or injure someone?

    I've had old couples sit next to me in a beachside Holiday Inn and
    plead with me not to change Social Security. What?!

    Cripes, enough already. Will anyone _ever_ tell me what the hell is
    going on?

    Apparently, until I either bow down to their will and die or expose it
    all to public scrutiny, it will never truly end...

    There is _much_ more to this contorted story, but I'll give you leave
    to consider...

    Does all this seem right to you?
    It clearly doesn't seem like Justice to me.

    And here is the kicker to it all - like most twisted tales, it begins
    with and involves women. The attorney's wife who insisted on
    pestering me at work about her daughter, an alcoholic, physically
    abused 20 year old. She then convinced the shop owner to hire this
    bizarre femme fatale as a secretary. (Turns out they owned the
    building I worked in.)

    I then endured months of "Why don't you take her out and f#$k her, her
    boyfriend is weird." I quit the job to escape the harrassment. She
    was then thrown into the street in front of me as I rode a motorcycle
    through the park they apparently lived near. I had been riding this
    route for over 8 years. I took her back home and offered to talk to
    her dad. He met us in the drive, grabbed her by the hair, yanked her
    off the bike and growled, "Get in the house, you damned {censored word, do not repeat.}". I told
    him that he should not talk that way to his obviously disturbed child,
    and he threatened to "beat the hell out of me" and struck my bike with
    a tire-iron. I left. Little did I know that I had just met a pillar
    of the local community, the Cream of Cobb Society, the
    Cobb County School Board attorney, Richard (the {censored word, do not repeat.}) H. Still, Jr.

    I had done volunteer work for the United Way's Battered Women's
    shelter years previous, and distictly recognized the signs of abuse in
    the women. I also suspect that there was something 'odd' about the
    relationship between these people. Cobb county has a long history of
    covering up incest and sexual abuse issues, especially when dealing
    with well-oiled fathers. The fire department had responded to a
    disturbance on Mt. Calvary Road a year earlier, and found the daughter
    running down the street naked. Why? Her subsequent behaviour is just
    as bizzare, and involves DUIs, Felony Assault, assault of police
    officers, repeated domestic violence complaints, etc.

    Search for "Barnes A" in the Cobb County, GA records here:

    Search for "Barnes A" in the Charlotte County, FL records here:

    Both women were subsequently served with a subpoena but neither were
    ever produced in Court or for the taking of their depositions. They
    were instead sent out of the state, along with several other witnesses
    who mysteriously and suddenly disappeared.

    Another woman was apparently hired to spy on me, and her parting words
    were, "You're not crazy are you?" When I asked who had implied that
    I was, I was left a business card belonging to Attorney Herbert A.
    Rivers. The photographs later received from the fire department
    revealed that Still had a sign belonging to Rivers in the outbuilding
    that was burned on his property. Go figure...

    So - Screw Georgia and all involved.
    I've heard enough crap and want answers - 18 years is too long to
    wait. I lost $25,000 in equity due to these people meddling with my
    private affairs, and much more over the years due to the constant
    relocation and from living underground in a sort of self-imposed
    witness protection program. These people have completely destroyed my
    life and my mental health. My tools and ability to produce an income
    were stolen and I was left for dead. Well, it's been 18 years, and
    I'm still pissed, and I want that {censored word, do not repeat.}ing judge Hines bar card,
    and my money and life back.

    This country is absolutely out of control - and if you guys re-elect
    another incumbent ANYTHING you are doing this country and yourselves
    a severe disservice. It's time for new blood - these cronies are
    stealing your lives and your children's futures.

    Absolute Power Corrupts - Absolutely. Judicial overview and
    accountability should be ammended to each State's Constitution -
    especially in this cracker dixie mafia state.

    Greg G.

    Greg G.
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