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Open Subform To A Specific Record

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by fabianjones@gmail.com, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. fabianjones@gmail.com

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    I've search the boards and haven't found something that works for me,
    so here goes:
    - I have a main form with a tab control, this tab control has many

    - On one subform I double-click a value and then go to another tab with
    a different subform, this was easy to do.

    - What's not so easy to do is to open the new tab/subform to the
    specific record that I was viewing in the first subform. Here's what
    I'd like to do in pseudo-code:

    Sub Value_DblClick(Cancel as Integer)
    myIdValue = Me.IdValue
    Form_My_Main_Form.myTabControl = index ' this works

    Open Form_SubformOfIndex where Form_SubformOfIndex.idvalue =

    End Sub

    Couple of problems: because of the way the tab control is structured, I
    am bounding and unbounding subforms to speed up the database. Not sure
    if this will affect my id value. In the subform itself, I don't want
    to just display ONLY the record with myIdValue, I want to display that
    initially, but still have the rest of the records available.

    Any help would be appreciated, and please let me know if there are any
    questions. Thanks.
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