Nice, Loving And Proper Greetings And Other Formulas :)

Discussion in 'Convert's Corner' started by Simranjit, Nov 14, 2017.

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    I have seen that some of you use some formulas or expressions to start and finish posts which I guess are in Punjabi. In my native languages (Spanish and Catalan) and in English too I pay quite a lot attention in the way I start and finish mails or posts. I like using expressions to convey how I feel about the person/group I 'm writtint to. Some examples might be: With love; blessings; peace.....
    I think it is nice and respectful, when aproaching a new culture or tradition, to learn how to use proper and nice greetings. For example, when I lived in New Zealand I used to write Kia ora at the beginning of a letter and Aroha nui at the end. So, I'd love to learn some expressions to start and finish posts here. I'd be grateful if someone could teach me a few.

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