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Naam Brings Liberation-Mukti

Oct 14, 2007
hir hir nwmu inDwnu lY gurmiq hir piq pwie ] (996-2, mwrU, mÚ 4)
Take the treasure of the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. Follow the Guru's Teachings, and the Lord shall bless you with honor.
hliq pliq nwil cldw hir AMqy ley Cfwie ] (996-2, mwrU, mÚ 4)
Here and hereafter, the Lord goes with you; in the end, He shall deliver you.
ijQY AvGt glIAw BIVIAw iqQY hir hir mukiq krwie ]1] (996-3, mwrU, mÚ 4)
Where the path is difficult and the street is narrow, there the Lord shall liberate you. ||1||
myry siqgurw mY hir hir nwmu idRVwie ] (996-3, mwrU, mÚ 4)
O my True Guru, implant within me the Name of the Lord, Har, Har.
myrw mwq ipqw suq bMDpo mY hir ibnu Avru n mwie ]1] rhwau ] (996-4, mwrU, mÚ 4)
The Lord is my mother, father, child and relative; I have none other than the Lord, O my mother. ||1||Pause||
mY hir ibrhI hir nwmu hY koeI Awix imlwvY mwie ] (996-4, mwrU, mÚ 4)
I feel the pains of love and yearning for the Lord, and the Name of the Lord. If only someone would come and unite me with Him, O my mother.
iqsu AwgY mY jodVI myrw pRIqmu dyie imlwie ] (996-5, mwrU, mÚ 4)
I bow in humble devotion to one who inspires me to meet with my Beloved.

I shall be grateful If you can explain the contextual meaning of the line that is underlined.

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