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Multiple Users

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Smartin, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Smartin

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    I have project to create a read-only search interface against a
    production database. Currently the platform is A97, though we will be
    migrating to A2003 by the end of the summer. A rough inventory of the
    overall user pool looks something like this:

    Read/Write users: 5
    Read-Only users: 45

    At any given time there will probably be only one user writing to the
    database, and perhaps a few simultaneous searches. But I suspect there
    could be as many as 20 open "read only" connections due to people
    leaving the search application open.

    I plan to implement the search functionality as a separate MDE linked to
    the production MDB.


    Q1. Do inactive, open connections have any impact here? In other words,
    if, say, 20 folks are connected but idle, will the production database
    suffer? This would help me weigh whether it's advantageous to code "auto
    close on idle" functionality on the MDE. Is there any way to
    "disconnect" on a time-out without closing the application or does this
    happen by default?

    Q2. Is there any value in setting up an audit table (perhaps in a
    separate database) to record search traffic? If it turns out that I have
    grossly underestimated the search demand I'm thinking this might help
    guide me on time-outs. On the other hand the act of writing to an audit
    table will increase traffic...

    I am somewhat familiar with the techniques for both of the above, but
    have never implemented these in a multi-user production environment. Any
    pointers you all have are appreciated.

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