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MS Access Not Closing Properly

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Tom M, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Tom M

    Tom M
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    I have a number of MS Access 2003 application which have their share of
    goofy, memory leak type appearances. For examp, one database will open and
    then suddenly exit, without warning. I reopen, exit the database normally
    and reopen again and recompress. But this doesn't seem to matter. I've
    looked for errant code that might be responsible but nothing rears it's ugly
    head. All instantiated object vars are properly destroyed. Most of my
    systems, including office, have similar software apps and settings, and all
    share 1024 physical memory. I've checked references and their loading
    order, the usual spots, but can't seem to narrow down to any one thing in

    Another mdb (this one has a special a pdf ref library attached) will open
    and exit fine 2-3 times and then if I try opening and exiting the 4th go
    around, the initial form hangs and my memory counter shows that MSAccess is
    gobbling up memory, to the tune of 200Megs or more. When I force a shut
    down using Microsoft's Taskmanager, and Access exits, another copy of MS
    Access pops up in "hidden" mode I guess, displays on the Application tree
    but no sign elsewhere, and just starts gobbling up memory. This might
    happen once or twice a day and my usual response is to delete temp files and

    This of course does not happen on all PCs all of the time. If it happened
    on 1 computer, then I could take a look at that structure. Seems to affect
    the faster PCs more than slower, though. Almost as if cannot keep up?

    Shared startups include Corp Norton Antivirus, FreeMem Pro, AnyDVD,
    Webdrive -- very stable XP Prof SP2 system. I've been developing in MS
    Access and similar PC relational dbs for over 15 years. All of these are
    linked databases, and my primary development box has the linked file on a
    locally mapped drive so network is not an issue

    It's annoying, and I don't want to go through all the details of my coding
    experience, but, yes I do destroy my objects (Set myObj = nothing) when I'm
    done with them, and I try to reuse as much as I can so I make use of class
    objects for heavy print formatting and data importing but at most I have 3-5
    classes per database. I do use the print preview feature often in code, and
    I suppose over time that could cause some of these memory issues. My
    largest common table has maybe 90K rows and not overly indexed. Most of the
    others are much smaller -- 5-10K. Typical database sizes are 1-5megs for
    front end and 90-100megs for backend.

    If someone could point me where I might find likely sources of problem areas
    I'd be very grateful!

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