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MDE Limitations

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Domac, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Domac

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    What are MDE limitations in relation to MDB deployment model?
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  3. OP
    Albert D.Kallal

    Albert D.Kallal
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    In relation to deployment?

    Well, a mde is *usually* the result of your final product. ms-access is a
    software development tool. You can use ms-access to write a pac-man game, or
    even a word processor. When you are done writing the appcation, you turn it
    into mde. This mde has all of the extra source code and additional baggage

    From a user point of view, they can't modify a mde. (no more then you can
    modify the word, or excel software on your computer). So, a mde is usually
    used for final deployment as it is smaller, faster, and cannot be modified
    by end users. It is in effect the "last" step you make right before
    deploying the appcation to your users.

    Since you can't build a mde when you software has any syntax errors, it
    also ensures that you are not distribution a application with syntax errors.

    Most commercial applications are distributed as a executable. In ms-access,
    the mde is that executable. (and, the ms-access problem is thus your runtime
    supprot files)

    Albert D. Kallal (Access MVP)
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada
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