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Load Defaults From One Table To Another

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by wazza_c12@hotmail.com, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. wazza_c12@hotmail.com

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    HI All

    I have a curly problem here (I think)

    I have a database with a 3 tier issue code setup.

    Users can setup their own issue codes and descriptions, but I would
    also like to be able to offer a "load defaults" button option.

    Should be simple enough ..... howver my tables are as follows

    Lev 3 TB
    Lev3ID (PK/AN)
    Lev3 Code
    Lev3 Description
    Lev2ID (FK)

    Lev 2 TB
    Lev2ID (PK/AN)
    Lev2 Code
    Lev2 Description
    Lev1ID (FK)

    ....... and so on

    My foreign keys are PK auto numbers ...... so I cant take them from my
    "defaults" storage tables ... so after I load all my level 1 issues and
    codes, how can I know what foreign keys to load for the Lev 2 issues
    (and so on)

    Please help ... is this possible?
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