Heritage Indore: Sikhs Hail HC Decision, Celebrate Their Win


1947-2014 (Archived)
Indore: Sikhs hail HC decision, celebrate their win

Asheesh Kumar Shukla


Decision will work as catalyst for development work in Betma.

Residents in the vicinity of Gurudwara of Betma still greet each other with ‘Waahe Guru Ka Khalsa and Wahe Guru ki Fateh’. Sikh community from Indore to Betma found good reasons to celebrate the ‘Fateh’ of Guru Singh Sabha as after seven decades they won the fight over the disputed Betma Saheb Gurudwara land.

Senior members of the committee said that this occasion will bind all generations together as the case continued for 70 years enveloping different age groups with the passage of time.

The high court on Monday disposed a petition of Swami Umesh Muni, who had been claiming ownership of the land which has been in dispute since 1906.

The decision has acted as a catalyst to the development works in Betma. We have made a prototype of what Gurudwara Saheb would look like and are expanding the Langar hall and Sarovar for the pilgrims who visit Betma Gurudwara”, said Gurwinder Singh, manager of the Gurdwara

From development of a pond for bathing, expansion of Langar hall and providing hi tech facilities like CCTV footage are on the list of the Board, which wants the Gurudwara to develop as an international level Sikh Pilgrimage spot.

“People from Imli Saheb in Indore can even take a view of Gurudwara Betma Sahib through large screen LCDs installed there, a facility which started a few months ago”, he added.

Secretary of Guru Singh Sabha, Jasbir Singh Gandhi, was present and monitoring the development at the sarovar side when dna team visited Betma, the Baoli saheb Gurudwara and Gurudwara Charan Paduka.

“We are trying to make the Gurudwara an internationally acclaimed structure and look forward to developing it further”, said Gandhi.