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Sikh News Indian News Media Censors Sewa Divas Of Panthic Bodies Held At Fatehgarh Sahib4/8/06

Jul 10, 2006
This topic has been copied from www.sikhsangat.

"Indian News Media Censors Sewa Divas Of Panthic Bodies Held At Fatehgarh Sahib On 4 August,2006, Gurdwara Sudhar Lehar 2 launched

A mammoth gathering of anti badal Panthic bodies was held at Dewan Todar Mal hall at Gurdwara Fatehgarh Sahib but was totally "blacked out" over major tv news channels of India.There was no mention of this Panthic event on any channel including the so called Punjabi channels also.

A so called secular newspaper "The Tribune" did not show any picture of the large gathering at Fatehgarh Sahib instead reported the event as if nothing significant had happened.

However a full report of the rally can be seen at :

Although seva diwas of Panthic bodies did not get any coverage on indian tv channels yet badal must have received the reports of the large gathering and must have had a sleepless night .

Old rejected akali leaders like badal ,Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa, Gurdev Singh Badal, Balwinder Singh Bhunder, Captain Kanwaljit Singh,Ranjit Singh Brahampura, Tota Singh called this rally as a 'congress' sponsored event whereas they themselves know what this was .

Any person who speaks out against badal is projected as a congress agent whereas badal is the one who has closest relations with congress,BJP and RSS.

badal should know the many Sikhs and Punjabies are not happy at badal's closeness with RSS and BJP.
Moreover badal has left all demands of Sikhs and has no particular agenda except criticising others.

Sikhs should now leave congress and badal dal and support SAD(Amritsar) and the newly formed Panthic committee so that SGPC and other Sikh institutions are cleansed of badal family and their stooges who have been defiling these great institutions with the help of RSS/BJP."

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