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How To Remove Replication Fields

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by MAT4Ron, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. MAT4Ron

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    1. Follow this link http://www.trigeminal.com/lang/1033/utility.asp?ItemID=11
    - 11 to download a utility to remove replicated fields from tables in a .mdb
    2. Choose Jet 3.5x or Jet 4.0 (I think Access 2000 or greater is Jet 4.0).
    Download and unzip into the file “SysFld40.exe†into the folder with the
    database you want to remove replication from.
    3. Now you need the Visual Basic 6.0 SP5: Run-Time Redistribution Pack,
    which you can download free from Microsoft at
    http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/...FamilyID=BF9A24F9-B5C5-48F4-8EDD-CDF2D29A79D5. Install it and you are almost there.
    4. Now using the Run command on the Start menu Browse to the folder you
    placed the SysFld40.exe file in I.E. E:\WorkOrder\SysFld40.exe then type in
    the .mdb file name i.e. FAMMS-Master.mdb. In my example it looked like this
    E:\WorkOrder\SysFld40.exe FAMMS-Master.mdb .Press OK and it appears that
    nothing happens but when I opened the database FAMMS-Master.mdb the
    replication fields where removed.
    NOTE: If you click on the SysFld40.exe icon it will give you a dialog box
    that gives more specifics about how to remove replication from individual
    tables or if there are spaces in the .mdb name. This is where I was lost for
    the longest time until I tried the run command. Of course I did not try this
    on the “Real†FAMMS-Master.mdb on the network shared folder; I tried it on a
    copy first. I also plan to create a .mdb from scratch and then import from
    the “Real†.mdb after I take it off line, make a backup and remove replicated

    I did not develop this I just figured out how to make it work. Thank you
    Trigeminal Software and Microsoft for the free utilities.

    Proud To Serve In The US Military
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