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How Do I Express An Idea?

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by reecehope, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. reecehope

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    i really want to tell microsoft of an idea i have how do i do this?
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  3. OP
    Arvin Meyer [MVP]

    Arvin Meyer [MVP]
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    Find the correct newsgroup for your product group (This one is for the
    Microsoft Access database product) and make a suggestion. Ask one of the MVPs
    to forward it to their Microsoft lead.
    Arvin Meyer, MCP, MVP
    Microsoft Access
    Free Access downloads

    "reecehope" wrote:

    > i really want to tell microsoft of an idea i have how do i do this?
  4. OP
    '69 Camaro

    '69 Camaro
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    >i really want to tell microsoft of an idea i have how do i do this?

    You have several options:

    1.) Post a suggestion. Find a newsgroup that is appropriate and post your

    2.) Use one of the many "Contact Us" methods available on the following Web


    3.) Make the effort.

    First, fix the seven mistakes you made when you wrote your message. It's
    not exactly a good first impression when you make seven mistakes in less
    than two seconds of your first contact. No one of consequence will take you
    seriously if you can't express yourself with correct grammar, spelling,
    capitalization, and punctuation. While they may overlook a single mistake
    in a written sentence, making multiple mistakes tells them, "I don't know
    what I'm doing, and I'm not willing to learn how. Furthermore, I really
    don't care that everyone knows this about me, because their opinions don't
    count in my world."

    Next, determine what category your idea falls into. Is it an idea for a
    software application? Is it an idea to help them run one of their business
    divisions? Is it an idea to help them manage their employees? Is it an
    idea to help them win a lawsuit? Is it an idea to help them improve their
    public image? If it's an idea that is copyrightable or patentable, then get
    that copyright or patent before you contact Microsoft to prevent any
    argument about ownership of that idea or any derivatives thereof. Perhaps
    it's an idea where you need an attorney to help you protect your rights
    during any presentation or business negotiations. If so, hire one before
    you even think of contacting Microsoft. Make sure it's an attorney who
    specializes in your area of expertise, especially if it involves
    intellectual property, such as a software application.

    Next, create a professional presentation for your idea. This can be a
    document summarizing your idea and how it will benefit Microsoft. You may
    include PowerPoint slides with bullets of the major points you want to make.
    If it's a software application, then a demo or proof-of-concept may be in
    order. If it's an idea that your business is already using, then documented
    proof of its success and a copy of your business plan may be needed as well.

    Next, start networking. Do you know anyone who works at Microsoft? If not,
    do you know anyone who knows anyone who works at Microsoft? If not, do you
    know anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who works at Microsoft? Find
    someone who can introduce you to a manager who can get your idea heard. It
    may take several meetings to get you introduced to the right person, but
    when you do, you already have the professional presentation of your idea to
    hand him so that he can pass it on to others to consider your idea. Your
    best bet is to find a manager willing to champion your idea with the
    necessary enthusiasm.


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    See http://www.Access.QBuilt.com for Microsoft Access tips and tutorials.
    http://www.Access.QBuilt.com/html/expert_contributors2.html for contact

    "reecehope" <reecehope@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
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