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Help With Oracle Querry In Access

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by ttalley@rockhillortho.com, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. ttalley@rockhillortho.com

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    I'm attempting to create a report that will pull a numeric field from
    our Oracle database that should contain a 16 digit number(text field)
    that can be calculated into a current date format. I have developed a
    formula to compute the date but occasionally when I pull the DATE field
    I get a 1.4564E+15 instead of the expected 16 digit number ie
    I can the use the: SET NUMWIDTH 16; in sql*plus that corrects the
    issue and the true 16 digit number is reported in a sql*plus simple
    querry but once the session is ended the NUMWIDTH setting is lost. I
    assume it is a temp session setting,but am unable to find a similar
    command for Access 2002.
    I'm using linked ODBC tables,using our read only l/p. In the design
    view of this table it reports text field with field size of 38 which I
    would expect would give me the 16 digit number yet I only recieve it
    60% of the time.
    I assume that since this is possible in sql*plus that a (enhanced)
    report in access would be possible as well.
    Any help woud be greatly appreciaited.
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