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Help On Layout Please

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Charles, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Charles

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    I am looking for the best table layout to keep track of a person that
    is a transporter for my organization. With that I will also need to
    keep track of the vehicle(s) they will be using, the LicensePlate
    number(s) of the vehicle(s), Insurance Policy covering that vehicle,
    transporters drivers license number.

    Right now I have the following:


    TBL-Insurer(this is the company info on the insurance co.)

    TBL-InsurerEvent(transporterID, InsurerID, DateBegan, DateExpire,
    Policy#, CopyOnFile)

    TBL-LicensePlate(LicensePlateID, LicensePlateNumber)

    TBL-LicensePlateEvent(LicensePlateEventID, LicensePlateID,
    TransporterID, StateOfIssue, DateOfIssue, DateExpire)
    **Note: I broke the License Plate into two tables, for in some states,
    you get a different plate number yearly or every 5 years, and I would
    like to retain the tag history of each transporter**

    TBL-DriverLicense(DriverLicenseID, DriverLicenseNumber, TransporterID,
    StateOfIssue, DateOfIssue, DateExpire, CopyOnFile)
    **Question: Since a person's DL number may also change, should I break
    this table down... not sure on best way**

    TBL-Vehicle(VehicleID, TransporterID, VINNumber, Make, Model, Year,

    Many, Many thanks in advance,
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