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Guru Nanak’s Mission

Discussion in 'Essays on Sikhism' started by kaur-1, Mar 7, 2007.

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    Jul 10, 2006
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    Below is an article from one of the many inspirational blog sites I visit.

    Guru Nanak’s mission

    Saturday 8th July 2006

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh

    suxI pukwr dwqwr pRB gur nwnk jg mwih pTwXw]
    crn Doie rihrws kr crnwimRq is`KW pIlwXw]
    pwrbRhm pUrn bRhm kiljug AMdr iek idKwXw]
    cwrY pYr DrMm dy cwr vrn iek vrn krwXw]
    rwxw rMk brwbrI pYrIN pvxw jg vrqwXw]
    aultw Kyl iprMm dw pYrW aupr sIs invwXw]
    kiljug bwby qwirAw s`qnwm pVH mMqR suxwXw]
    kil qwrx gur nwnk AwXw ]òó]
    Guru Nanak Dev Jee came into this Kaljug after the cries of humanity where heard of pain and doubt. A lot of hypocrisy and false practices where occurring at this time of 1500’s and there was a lot of tension between Hindu and Muslim faith. Muslims thought only there way of life could bring salvation and thought the Hindu traditions where backwards and the Hindus thought of the same to Muslims. In this process there was a lot of delusion, nobody could be saved unless there was a true savior to carry them across the worldly ocean. This is why Guru Nanak was sent to Earth in the time of Kaljug as an Avtaar (savior) to save the world from the evil of this time.​

    From the Shabad above we can observe from the last two lines of the Vaar from Bhai Gurdaas jee’s work that ‘Satnaam paR matar Sunaiya,’ Guru Sahib came from Sack Khand (realm of Truth) and took with him Naam to save the Earth, Guru Sahib gave his devotees this Naam as it would result in their salvation. ‘Kal Taran Gur Nanal aeiya,’ from this last line we can say that Guru Nanak came to save everyone in the time of Kaljug. ​

    Guru Nanak himself was chosen by Akaal Purakh to this seva and infused His jyot (light) into Guru Nanak, this was called the Nanak jyot, which was lit in the hearts of every successor after Guru Nanak. The same way a candle flame lights another candle the Nanak Jyot got infused into the hearts of the last 9 successors and finally into Guru Granth Sahib jee. The seva Guru Nanak started was completed by His successors; this was to save all of humanity from transmigration and from the pits of Hell. Guru Sahib has done a lot of Paropkaar (blessings) on us by doing this seva.​

    The main mission of the Gurus as a whole was to join the world with Gurbani, this is why our tenth master Guru Gobind Singh joined us with Guru Granth Sahib by making the Holy Granth Guru of the whole world. ​

    When Guru Nanak met the ‘Sidhs’ (holy men) of the mountains he was asked who was his Guru? Who did he get his teachings from? They called him child (as His age was much younger then the very old yogis who increased there age by powers) and asked him to answer these questions.​

    pvn ArMBu siqgur miq vylw ]
    sbdu gurU suriq Duin cylw ]

    The above were the words of the Guru which mean, this is the time for the ‘mat’ (teachings) of the Guru, Shabad (word) is the Guru and Guru Sahib says he himself contemplates on the Shabad as he is the servant of the Shabad.

    From ‘dhur’ (beginning) Guru Sahib had told us that the Shabad was the Guru and has always been the Guru, this was further put into action when Gurbani started to form ‘Dhur kee Bani aeiy Tin saglee Chint mitaiee’, Guru Nanak himself wrote bani as well as the next four Gurus and the ninth Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadhur. This was also put into action when Nanak jyot, Guru Arjan Dev jee, compiled the Holy Granth by adding all the Shabads of the previous Gurus and was further finalized when Guru Gobind Singh himself told his Sikhs that this Holy Granth will be known as the Guru.

    So we can say that the main mission was of the Gurus’ was to join the world with Gurbani which in return teaches humanity about Naam and causes for humanities’ salvation.

    Daas would like to end this post be saying that he thinks it is very important to know of the Guru’s history as well as understanding what the Guru has told us. Daas can say these days that some youth jump to the deep end before even understanding the basic concepts of Sikhi and the foundations of Sikhi. The foundation of Sikhi is Nimerta (humility), this is because it is only through Nimerta that one can accept that Guru is above them and that one must give his head (mind) to Guru Sahib for Naam and the Piram Ras of Amrit.

    Without a doubt daas can say that when one reads the Gurus history from even a basic book (with a decent scholar) then one will realize the Piyaar and Piyaas Gursikhs had in those times for Guru Sahib which we lack now. Also history records how Gursikhs where ready to do anything for Guru Sahib and they performed a lot of devout Seva which in return they attained the highest states of Nimerta and Naam. The best example for this is Guru Arjan Dev jee when he was separated from Guru Ram Daas Jee for along time and couldn’t return from a wedding after a long while until Guru Sahib gave Hukam. Even though Guru Arjan was getting very famous through Parchaar, the pangs of love for Guru Sahib where too great and therefore wrote letters to Guru Ram Daas jee saying ‘Mera Man lochai gur Darshan, Bilap karai Chatrikh kee niyai’ meaning ‘My mind longs for the sight of the Guru, it cries out like a thirsty Rain-bird.’ This was the true piyaas and Bairaag felt by the Guru. We should also feel the same thirst by understanding why the Gurus came to Earth and only Gurbani is the best way for this as one will understand what is Naam and Guru Sahib will shower His blessings and give us that Naam which will be the cause of our salvation.
    So let us be showered with blessings from Guru Sahib and receive this beautiful Naam of Guru Sahib.

    Source:Abhiyaas.co.uk :: AbhiyaasBlog
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