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Good Small Font Selection

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Carol Grismore, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Carol Grismore

    Carol Grismore
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    I am looking for suggestions on good small fonts for Access reports. I used
    to use "Small Fonts", but I see that is no longer an option. TIA for
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  3. OP
    Rob Parker

    Rob Parker
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    Hi Carol,

    The convention is to use serif fonts for printed material (ie. reports);
    however, it is common for people to be unconventional these days!

    If you want a serif font, try either Times New Roman or Courier New. The
    latter has finer lines than TNR, and will look "lighter" in a large block of
    text. Both are readable in printed form down to 4 pt; however, for
    on-screen preview at 100% zoom, or in forms (rather than reports), they
    become unreadable below about 6 pt - however, this is dependent on screen
    (and graphics driver) resolution. Both are "standard" fonts, and should be
    available on any machine.

    If you want a non-serif font, try either Arial or Tahoma. The latter has
    slightly wider characters, so will take more room to display the same text.
    Comments about readability and availability are as for the serif fonts.

    All these fonts are TrueType fonts. You will probably also find some
    system fonts (non-TT) available, such as MS Serif and MS Sans Serif. These
    work OK when printed, but have some real problems when viewed on-screen. In
    report preview (at 100% zoom), both appear squashed and overwritten up to
    about 8 pt; in forms, the MS Sans Serif displays at the same size for all
    point sizes from 4 to 8, while the MS Serif is distorted below about 8 pt.

    You should consider readability in forms, even if you want the fonts only
    for reports, since in design mode a report is essentially a form - you can't
    change the zoom factor to view small text in detail. This means that some
    fonts may be unreadable in design mode; this makes life hard for you ;-)

    Your question is the subject of lots of discussion and debate. If you want
    to pursue the topic further, try Googling for style guide, printing, font,
    etc. And you'll probably find lots of other fonts available on your system.
    The font drop-down on the Format toolbar (at least for recent verions of
    Windows) will show each font as a sample of what you'll get. If you don't
    like any of my suggestions, pick something that appeals - and test to make
    sure it works in all the situation where you'll use it.



    "Carol Grismore" <CarolGrismore@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
    >I am looking for suggestions on good small fonts for Access reports. I
    > to use "Small Fonts", but I see that is no longer an option. TIA for
    > suggestions!
    > --
    > Carol
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