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Form With Chart - Needing Some Assistance

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Trial & Error, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. Trial & Error

    Trial & Error
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    I have a form that displays several charts... all working well, until I tried
    adding the final chart that I require... I cannot seem to get it to work the
    way I would like.

    At the table level I have two fields "SCOUNT" and "SGRADE"... when an entry
    is made, scount collects a # of visitors, and sgrade makes note of their
    school grade.

    I have run a query that collects SCOUNT and SGRADE. The results look
    somthing like so:
    4 10
    7 22
    9 100
    4 25
    5 10
    4 100

    I altered the totals row of the query, and set SGRADE to "Group By", and
    SCOUNT to "Sum". Now I get this
    4 135
    5 10
    7 22
    9 100

    GREAT... works just fine... exactly how I would like.
    Now I am trying to display these results as a pie chart. Where the chart is
    broken down to show each grade as a percentage of the whole.
    I am able to generate the chart... but when it runs, It appears once for
    each recordset... ie. one chart for grade 4, one for 5, one for 7 etc... Each
    time it displays each grade as 1 single slice of the pie.

    What I would like is for each grade to show on the SAME chart, so that the
    chart denotes a breakdown of how each grade compares to eachother............

    is this making sense??
    any help would be appreciated....

    Thanks in advance
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