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Duplicates, Triplicates

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by eadmati@yahoo.com, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. eadmati@yahoo.com

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    Hi all -

    I have an Access (2002) database that has aroud 1800 duplicates, found
    by a query. Many are triplcates and were created on a certain date -
    9/14/2004. I am manually, yes (moan) manually deleting these. Is
    there a faster way that is thorough? The non-9/14/2004 entires are the
    ones I want to keep. have not used databases in a while, but am pretty
    familiar with all other MS Office pkgs.


    Eric in SF
  2. OP

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    I am new at helping people but I will try...

    I will suggest you continue by hand because of your question...

    If you can open the query builder in design view "Create Query in
    Design View"

    1) When it says "show table" pick the table you are working on, select
    "add" and then "close"...
    2) Drag the field from the table box down to "Field"
    3) Put your criteria in the "Criteria" box (such as 9/14/2004)
    4) Run the query by pressing the exclamation point on the toolbar (!)
    5) Now you have all the the rows with date 9/14/2004
    6) Select the ones you want to delete and delete (you can select
    multiple or all)

    Make sure you have good backup...data is data...

    I would suggest a buying a book on Access as your question would be
    quickly answered that way...it is very hard to help you as I am
    describing a graphical query builder...or visual if you prefer...

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