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Delete Query Using Two Tables Joined - A Best Way ?

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Patrick Briggs, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Patrick Briggs

    Patrick Briggs
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    Trying to do a delete query using two tables joined has been a little harder
    than I expected. I had a list of donor ids in a table called Organizations.
    I had a main table with all the gift records namedn LittleRock. They were
    linked on donor_id.

    I wanted to delete all records from the LittleRock table where donor_id =
    donor_id from Organizations.

    Before I go further here is:

    What did work:

    DELETE DISTINCTROW LittleRock.*, Exists (SELECT * FROM Organizations WHERE
    LittleRock.Donor_id = Organizations.Donor_ID)
    FROM LittleRock
    WHERE (((Exists (SELECT * FROM Organizations WHERE ))<>False));


    I don't understand why it works and why both of these SQL queries didn't:

    What didn’t work:

    DELETE LittleRock.*
    FROM Organizations INNER JOIN LittleRock ON Organizations.Donor_id =

    And this didn’t either:

    DELETE DISTINCTROW LittleRock.Donor_Id, LittleRock.[Folder Name],
    LittleRock.fn, LittleRock.ln, LittleRock.add1, LittleRock.add2,
    LittleRock.City, LittleRock.State, LittleRock.Zip, LittleRock.Gift_Date,
    LittleRock.Gift_Amount, LittleRock.Gift_type, LittleRock.Key_Code,
    LittleRock.Key_Desc, LittleRock.First_Gift_Date
    FROM Organizations INNER JOIN LittleRock ON Organizations.Donor_id =
    WHERE (([LittleRock]![Donor_ID]=[Organizations]![Donor_ID]));

    Can anybody explain what is going on here. Why one way works but the other
    two don't?


    Patrick Briggs
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