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Default Values In Data Access Page

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Nikki, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Nikki

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    Can someone help me understand using default values in data access

    I want to create a dap on one table which will have two fields with
    defaults. DateOrdered which will default to today and DateDue which
    will default to 14 days from the DateOrdered field. I want both fields
    to be editable and I want DateDue to change based on changes made in

    I was able to create a form that did this. In the table, I put =date()
    in the default for DateOrdered. In the form I used Me.DueDate =
    DateAdd("d", 14, Me.DateOrdered) for the DateOrdered AfterUpdate

    I tried saving this as a dap but the defaults do not appear when you
    start a new record, nor does the DateDue change to 14 days from the
    DateOrdered unless you save. Is there a way I can make the defaults
    appear automatically at the opening of a new record and have the
    DateDue change immediately after changes made to DateOrdered? If
    possible, the more details the better because I'm new to dap and vba.
    Also, if anyone has suggestions for tutorials or books for learning dba
    and vba in access that will be appreciated as well.
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