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Database Loses Replication

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by CAP, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. CAP

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    Some background
    1 master held locally (~72 MB)
    15 replicas sitting on multiple data servers across country
    Data only, front end files are separate
    All MDB files are Access 2000
    I use Access 2003
    VBA used to replicate all databases nightly (or when ever I allow* it to

    *read as remember

    On occasion a mdb will corrupt. My procedure is to copy a new replica to the
    server under a different name and re-link the front end file for the users.
    Then taking the corrupt file, back it up a few times, compact/repair it and
    then sync it with the master.

    Make sense? Yes I know it is clumsy and I should be using a SQL Server but
    …. Yea well….lets not get into that. Don’t laugh at me. I tried to tell
    them…but noooo…what? Oh sorry…

    Here is the problem:
    Sometimes when I compact a corrupt database it is no longer a replica. It
    just becomes a normal database file. The first time this happened my partner
    didn’t notice it and put the repaired non replicable copy back into
    production and it created a whole lot of mess.

    I did notice that there is file create called ‘~TmpRpRc.mdb’ every time I
    try and compact the corrupt file. This file is actually a repaired copy of
    the database with the replication properties in tacked, which I can then use
    to replicate into the master.

    My question is why does the corrupted db lose its replication properties?
    And a tmp file created? And why did my sock suddenly sport a green strip? Is
    there a way to compact a corrupt file without removing the replication?

    Any comments are appreciated. Thanks.

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