Dasam Granth Controversy

Nov 23, 2010
Just out of curiosity, has the topic of the dasam granth been brought before the Akal Takht for an official decision recently?
As I understand it there are parts that have been declared to be the writings of Guru Gobind Singh and other parts that aren't. I've read various articles over the topic but have only found one official letter from the Akal Takht.
As I understand it in some places it put at the same level as the Adi Granth which strikes me as completely against the instructions of Guru Gobind Singh.
This controversy seems to have been raging for years now. Is the Panth going to put the issue to rest any time soon?
I don't want this thread to become an endless discussion of is not.. is too,,is too ,, is too.
I would just like to know if people in authority are addressing the issue and if so how?
Jan 6, 2005
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To the best of my knowledge, Akal Talkht has reached no final offical conclusion about the Dasam Granth. Harnam Singh Dumma of Damdami Taksal ( who is pro RSS ) is openly promoting Dasam Granth. It is now installed at several Gurdwaras in Punjab.

It is a fact that due to "political closeness" ( votes & notes ) of Dumma & the Badals, Akal Takht or for that matter SGPC dare not go against Dumma & Taksal!
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Gyani Jarnail Singh

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Jul 4, 2004
In the olden days..the village housewife would get up in the morning to make a trip of her neighbour houses..looking for FIRE....AAGG mangganna.....( IN Western Fashion its like asking for a cup of SUGAR - but that was a sort of Ice Breaker but the Indian/Punjab housewife trip for fire was necessity as who so ever chullah ran out of wood and extinguished was forced to go out and get a lighted stick/coals from a neighbour).
Again in the Western Context..the Western Kitchen had a system whereby a SMALL FLAME was always kept BURNING in the Gas Range - that was called the ORIGIN FLAME/STARTER FLAME- used to LIGHT the other Bigger flames/burners....to svae thr trouble of finding a match and before the SPARKING Mechanism came about.
Whats my POINT ?? and whats this got to do with dg etc ??

Well this is Background..to explain why the DG and simialr issues keep coming back...the reason is THESE are ALL..STARTER FLAMES....tiny Flares always kept stoked and BURNING..so that any one can be instantly fed with ...kerosene/petrol/wood..to make a huge flare up !! Such issues are DG, Raagmala, Meat eating, Caste Based conflicts, Religious issues like Satikaar of SGGS- Beadbi of SGGS, Gurdwara desecrations,NANAKSAREE CALENDAR sodhs, and re-sodhs, construction of Memorials, uprooting Nishan Sahibs, Throwing cigarettes/cow heads/pig entrails into Gurdwaras/mandirs/mosques etc. Lately new ones are murder of small time saadhs..attacks on dehdharee gurus, leading to street protests, more police shootings and more detahs..an unending circle..

AS per my background provided..only a FOOLISH housewife will extinguish the "starter flame"...so will only FOOLISH politicians extinguish these starter flames..by coming to DECISIONS..its to their advantage to keep the FIRES BURNING..the JOSH over HOSH smokescreen alive to be used/misused whenever they like...thus the Nanaksahi Calendar, Dg, raagmala issues will NOT be settling soon..UNTIL the PANTH is really INDEPENDENT and has shaken off the parasites...Meanwhile the UNHOLY NEXUS of the CORRUPT POWER GREEDY politician/sold out PRIESTLY CLASS/deh dharee Gurudom/saadhs/ corrupt businessmen...juggernaut rambles along....powered by the SWEAT BLOOD AND TEARS of the Downtrodden common man !!! PAAP KEE JANJH arrives at the poor mans door and Demands the VOTE every five years...like clockwork..AITEE MAAR payee KURLANNEH..teinkee DARD na aiyah....The Jnata cries loudly...suicides, lati charges, police extra juducial tortures murders, its all OK...SO whats that again about the DG ?? or Vienna ? or sauda Saadh ? or the Copy of SGGS found on a muslim Grave/Nearby well ? 24 Hour BANDH...Peaceful MARCH to the PM office..Handing over Memorandum to the Governor..??? Let the Music begin...its another New day of mayhem in the Republic of Denmark...welcomemundawelcomemundawelcomemundawelcomemundawelcomemunda
Nov 23, 2010
I guess it's a case of divide and conquer. The depressing part is how easy it is. People are so eager to believe that they invent the most irrational arguments to justify
thieir beliefs. For example here in Mexico a lot of people still believe in what is best translated as elves. My mother in law is one of those people. She has a university degree but still believes in elves. I pointed out that no one has ever discovered elf bones and she said " that's because the pass to another dimension."
How do you argue with that.
I was unaware of the controversy of the raagmala. But I bet if I left my shopping list in exactly the right place some "Sant" would find spiritual signifigance in it.:singhsippingcoffee: