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Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Harry Haller, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    Gurfateh Sangatji

    Some Computer Tips,

    PC Memory for DDR3 is dropping like a stone, but DD2 and DDR1 is by comparison hugely expensive, trade prices yesterday for 4GB Dimm is hovering around the £12, and you can buy it for not that much more on ebay, if you are short of ram, give thought to buying a new motherboard rather than paying £20 a stick for a 1GB Dimm. Due to the problems in Thailand, Hard drives have doubled in price, so I would put off any hard drive upgrades for a while, for a reasonable cheap system I am delighted with the Intel E5700 which is around £45, together with a Gigabyte G41MT (£30) and 8GB RAM gives you main guts for less than a £100 which should run Windows 7/Vista/XP very nicely, so do not get conned into any upgrade that will cost more than that, better to rip the guts out!

    Malware Bytes do the definitive spyware removal in my view, its free, and if you can get into safe mode, or slave your hard drive to another system, will remove most trojans/spyware. Open Office by Sun does an extremely good job of replicating Microsoft Office for free, and will open all MS docs.

    TFT screens are dropping, you can get some good deals trawling Comet/Currys, I bought a 18.5" widescreen Acer for £60 yesterday,

    For older RAM, always ebay it, Shops put a massive margin on older stuff, and we all get it from ebay anyway,

    Laptop chargers, avoid like the plague multi adapters, they cost a fortune and burn out the charging jack, always get an original, even if its second hand, again, ebay sells most of them for around £10-£15.

    Needless to say, always keep your wireless secured, with a decent hard password, 78yh7?'[=-54 and the like, not password or 12345, it is not unusual for blackspots to exist in your home, if you have one, try a network plug, it uses the power plug socket as a network point

    If you find your system will not start, or presents an error, before you take it to a shop, boot it from the windows disk, and choose R at the first option, this will give you a DOS type screen, chkdsk /f , and most minor startup errors can be fixed, for Vista and 7 there is a repair facility if you boot from disc.

    Data recovery-if the board on the hard drive has gone, then it is a possible easy fix, you just need to find the same board for the hard drive, swap them over, and you should be ok, anything more requires specialist white room services which is quite costly, I would use a cheap on line back up system, its automatic, and its secure.

    Laptop Screens, most shops charge a fortune for this, source it from ebay, where if you are lucky you will find a second hand one for next to nothing, and then either fit it yourself, (it takes 20 mins) or pay a shop no more than £20 to fit it for you

    I always more than happy to help my fellow brothers and sisters with any advice on any PC problem as best I can
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