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Code Question

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Code Agent, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Code Agent

    Code Agent
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    Is there a way to have code pop up a warning to tell me that I am duplicating
    ex. If I enter info in fields, "House #", "Street", "Violation", "Status",
    and at a later date enter in the exact same info, I would like it to ask me
    if I want to duplicate it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. OP
    Rick Wannall

    Rick Wannall
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    If you create an index on the fields of interest, and make it a unique
    index, it would prevent the problem, although the error message is not very
    informative. If you want to do this, open the table in design view, click
    View and then Indexes. In the popup index display, go to the last blank
    line. Type a new index name, then move to the center column and put each
    field name you care about in the index.

    If you're OK with DLOOKUP etc. operations, you can have a field on your data
    entry form that is bound to an expression such as this:

    =dcount("*", "mytable", "house='" & me.txthouse & "' And Street = '" &
    Me.txtstreet & "' etc etc etc")

    Of course, replace etc etc etc with the rest of your criteria. What you
    want is that the field bound to this expression would always be 0. If after
    entering data in one of the fields the count becomes anything other than 0
    (presumably 1) you could notice that and stop your entry.

    If you're good with code behind the form, you could cause your form to check
    the field, using the AfterUpdate event of each of the controls used for the
    fields you're monitoring.

    There's a lot more you could look at, but if any of these works for your
    situation then you're good to go.
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