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Change Combo Box Rowsource On Add Record

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Klingon Coder, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Klingon Coder

    Klingon Coder
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    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me out on this problem.

    I have two tables, one that stores information about RFPs that a company has
    received. In this table there is a field to indicate if the company has
    decided to place a bid on the RFP. The second table stores information about
    any proposals that the company has submitted. Both tables are related by the
    requisition number from the RFP table. I have a form that is used to display
    the information on the proposals (the record source is a query named
    qryProposal). On this form I have a combo box (cboReqNum) which displays
    only those records that have been assigned a proposal number (the primary key
    for the proposal table). I have a second query (qryProposalNoBid) which
    displays a list of RFPs that the company has bid on, but haven't yet been
    assigned a proposal number (in effect potential records).

    What I am trying to accomplish is to have the form use the qryProposal as
    its record source except when a new record is added, in which case I want it
    to use qryProposalNoBid, so that when the user clicks on the combo box they
    are given a list of available Requisition numbers, instead of the completed
    ones. Once the record has been added I want to revert back to the

    My problem is that I can't seem to figure out which event to use or the
    syntax required to accomplish this. Any help in this matter would be greatly


    Klingon Coder

    "Ancient Klingon Proverb - Act and you shall have dinner, Think and you
    shall be dinner"
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