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Sikhism Book Review - The Gurus Beloved Army - A Hidden History Of The Akali Nihang Sikhs

Discussion in 'Book Reviews & Editorials' started by drkhalsa, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. drkhalsa

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    Sep 16, 2004
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    Dear Brother/Sisters

    I received this Email last month, I thought of sharing this with you

    vaheguru ji ka khalsa
    vaheguru ji ki fateh

    dear sangat ji

    BEWARE these ppl are the same ppl who are backing the uk nangs, they have ruined a lot of young sikhs lifes with their sanatan 'sikhi' even though they try to hid behind the scenes but everyone knows who they are and what they up too. they are clever and not as thick as the other uk nangs.

    Don’t help finance their weird and anti gurmat ways


    heres a book that parmjit is working on with nang niddar thats why they were in india to get it proof read and guess who going to publish it INDIA BOOK HOUSE lol


    The Guru's Beloved Army: A Hidden History of the Akali Nihang Sikhs
    Nidar Singh Nihang, Parmjit Singh

    Product Details:

    · Hardcover 208 pages (November 1, 2005)

    · Publisher: India Book House

    · ISBN: 8175084251

    · Category(ies): Religion & Spirituality

    · Amazon.co.uk Sales Rank: 114,209
    (Publishers and authors: improve your sales)

    plus if u read this converstation with parmjit u see what views and damage they can do if not stopped.

    the Author: Kulbir Singh
    Date: 04-01-05 11:08

    Khalsa jeeo,

    On March 27th, 2005 Parmjit Singh whom I heard belongs to the UK Nihung Jatha came to Toronto to speak in a conference organised by a Sikh organisation here. We found out about his arrival and decided to attend the conference.

    Some Singhs reached there at 11:30am but I and four other Singhs reached there around 3pm. Couple of minutes after our arrival, Parmjit Singh started his lecture. He began his lecture by complaining how the definition of Sikhi was so broad in old days and how it became narrow in the last century or so. Others may not have known but I knew that he was referring to the Singh Sabh movement that brought clarity in Sikhi; the clarity that had been lost because of the fact that Khalsa was busy fighting in jungles and non-Sikhs were the custodians of our gurdwaras at that time.

    He showed many pictures and newspaper clippings from last two hundred years. Then he showed the picture of Baba Khem Singh Bedi and he greatly showered praise on him. One of Bedi’s picture was an embodiment of Guru-dumm. It showed Bedi sitting on a throne and a person doing chaur on his head. I interrupted by raising my hand and voiced my comments that it is pure Guru-dumm to do this. Parmjit Singh said something like it was a practice of that time and also expressed his doubts on the authenticity of the picture. I was wondering, why show such a picture that can be misleading and can promote Guru-dumm. I was wondering why he showed such picture that he himself has doubts about.

    The lecture continued with I continuing to interrupt where I found objections. I think Parmjit Singh was a bit upset at my comments. At one point, he said something along the lines that it is unfortunate that at one time there used to be idols in the parkarma area of Darbar Sahib but some fundamental Sikhs threw them out. I immediately stood up and corrected him by informing him that it was against Gurmat to have idols at Gudwaras.

    He replied by saying that we should let idol-worshippers to come to Darbar Sahib. I replied back saying that even today all idol-worshippers are welcome to all Gurdwaras but these idol worshippers are not allowed to place their idols at our Gurdwaras. He said that if we let them place the idols at the parkarma, they would listen to kirtan and then perhaps change. I said that to do parchaar of Sikhi we cannot break the rules of Gurmat and maryada or Gursikhi. Others in the audience agreed with what I said.

    I explained that these idols and other anti-Gurmat practices had crept in our Gurdwaras because the management of our Gurdwaras was not in the hands of Khalsa at that time but in the hands of mahants who did not follow Gurmat. The Singh Sabha movement fixed these problems and maryada was once again restored in our Gurdwaras.

    Then he showed a picture of a woman who looked like a good and pious woman but did not look like a Sikh woman. She was wearing a Sari, had a bindi on her forehead and had earrings. Parmjit Singh said that this picture was of a Sikh woman Preacher or a Sikh missionary. I was shocked by his claim and so shocked was the sangat there and even normally mild Sikhs like the most famous Sikh lawyer of Canada – Sardar T. Sher Singh – had to speak up. He said that it was not wise or it was too early to draw conclusions from what the press reports say because even today in this age of knowledge, press does not always cover facts accurately, then how can we expect the press two hundreds years ago to be accurate. The whole audience totally applauded Sardar T. Sher Singh jee’s statement and it seemed that Parmjit Singh too had to reluctantly agree with him.

    So ended his presentation. By Guru Sahib’s kirpa, no parchaar of Sanatanism was done in the conference because of the stiff opposition he faced in the audience that interrupted him at any slight deviation from Gurmat.

    After the lecture we all came out and Parmjit Singh too came out. He and I said fateh to each other and shook hands. He expressed his desire to have a discussion with me and I readily agreed. While the third lecture started, I came out to stretch my legs and do some paath, that I saw Parmjit Sing there. He was sitting in the sitting area outside and I too sat beside him on a couch. We started having discussion.

    I first asked him that why do UK Nihungs put down AKJ Singhs in UK. He tried to avoid this question saying that he did not represent the UK Nihungs but I persisted. I said that I wanted to know why they had to put other organisations down to forward their agenda. He could not answer this question and asked me to name some UK AKJ Singhs who had told me this. I said it was not about persons but about ideology.

    I asked him why the UK Nihungs put down Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee and accuse him of being a British Agent? He could not answer this question. I then went on saying that at one time pretty much whole of Bhai Sahib’s jatha was in jail and he himself stayed in jail for 16 years. Then how could he have been a British stooge. He had no answer to this.

    I then asked him, about how he was preaching in the lecture that Sikhs should be tolerant to all .e.g Udasis and Nirmalay but how come UK Nihungs were not tolerant to AKJ then? I said to him, "you can hug ganjay (skinhead) Udaasee saadhoos but repulse AKJ Singhs who are in baana like you guys." He could not give any satisfactory answer to this.

    As we were talking there were two more Singhs with me – Baldeep Singh and Amritpal Singh. As I had finished discussing the above with him, some more Singhs came from inside. One of the Singhs, who was upset at his lecture, came directly to him and said, “You are a direct agent of Indian Government”. Hearing this, Parmjit Singh got upset and uttered an obscenity. The Singhs there respected us and restrained themselves and did not get physical with Parmjit Singh. Otherwise, they would have severely thrashed him for his stupidity.

    I pacified them and then asked Parmjit Singh, if he had read the first salok of 21st pauri of Siri Asa kee Vaar. I explained how Guru Sahib tells us that one who utters obscenities is against Gurmat. I told him to apologise to the Singhs. I also told him that he would be in serious trouble with these Singhs if he did not apologised. He refused to do it first but then after few minutes apologised to those Singhs.

    I asked Parmjit Singh, if it is okay for an amritdhari Singh to consume liquor. His answer filled not only me but everyone else there with total surprise. He responded saying that in dire circumstances consuming liquor is okay. My next question was what kind of circumstances are those in which a gursikh is allowed to drink liquor. He said that when Singhs used to go to battle or war, they used to drink liquor. He said that liquor helps one in battles. I asked him what was the position of Gurbani and Naam then? I asked him if Baba Deep Singh jee could have consumed liquor. He had no answer. Then I asked him if Gurbani allows for exceptions in drinking liquor. No answer at all.

    The worse claim that he made was his support for polygamy. I asked him if a Singh can have sex with a person who is not his wife. To this he again said that in some circumstances, it is allowed. There were many Singhs who were present there who heard him say this and the liquor thing.

    Overall, it was a satisfactory meeting with him and I ended this conversation with him requesting him to firstly, review his beliefs that do not seem to be on Gurmat e.g. liquor, drugs, meat and fornication / adultery. Secondly, I asked him to cut the spiteful and venomous attitude they have for AKJ. Whether he will heed to these requests, time will judge that.

    What I have written is based on honesty and if Parmjit Singh wants to clarify any point, he is more than welcome to post here.
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    Jun 1, 2004
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    Thanks for sharing, i would like to read the follow up to this discussion as well. Thanks again.
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