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Bhattan De Swaiyaeh. Pyragenics Of The Bards

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fateh.

Some academicians are questioning the inclusion of the Bhatt Swaiyas in Guru Granth Ji..... as these are straight forward "praise" of the First Five Gurus. These were inluded and are now enjoying the same status as GURBANI...Dhur Ki bani ayee jin saglee chint mitayee. These Bhattas are said to be kirtaniyas at the drabar of Guru Ramdass Ji... Could Guru Ramdass Ji for example allow such "praise" directed straight at Himself as Kirtan in His darbar...and thus this same thing was done at the Drabar of Guru Arjun Sahib jee. PRAISE of Guru Nanak as Dhur AAD GURU is acceptable....but how could Guru Arjun Ji accept such praise for Himself and include this in Gurbani....or is there a different explanation and these new scholars are barking up the wrong tree ?? I wonder ??

Secondly these Bhatt Swaiyeh are the ONLY GURBANI that is also PRAISING and CONNECTING to the Hindu "Gods" Krishna and Raam Chander...acting as the LINK between these Hindu Gods in Satyug Dwapur and claiming that these same gods are now Guru nanak and the other Sikh Gurus in Klayug..

Thirdly the Bhatt Swaiyehs are "unique" in that they are written "descripivally" ABOUT the SIKH GURUS, and the Hindu Gods..Krishan, Raam Chander...every other GURBANI is NOT DESCRIPTIVE about any living person, and is ENTIRELY about WAHEGURU and HIS NAAM/PATH to HIM, Gurmatt etc.

Jarnail singh

Garry D

Oct 19, 2019
Just stumbled upon this 17 year old bumped thread. Never read "Bhatt Bani" before, but doing a little research on Google has got me thinking.
On Ang 1390 of Granth Sahib Ji, Bhatt is calling Guru Nanak as incarnation of "ram of Raghu dynasty" and "Krishna" in "treta" and "dwapar" yug respectively!
Tens of other devtas have been legimitised on the same page by the bhatt, by making them contemplate on the name of Guru Nanak!?!
All Gurus' bani is perfect and logical, never self-contradictory, praising the Waheguru or Almighty. But these Bhatt Swaiyas seem off to me. 😐

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