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Barah Maah Sateek

Discussion in 'Gurmat Learning Zone' started by kds1980, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. kds1980

    kds1980 India
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    Apr 4, 2005
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    I have downloaded barah maah sateek and i want to sharre it with SPN sangat

    Ta sunn(i) kirt karammâ purab(i) kamâiâ.
    Sir(i) sir(i) sukh sahammâ deih su tû bhalâ.
    (Page 1107)
    Meaning of Difficult Words : Tû sunn(i)–O Lord! please
    listen to my prayer; Kirt–deeds performed; Karammâ–deeds,
    actions; Purab(i)–in early births; Kamâiâ–earned; Sir(i)
    sir(i)–on everyones life; Sahamma–distress; Tu deih–that you
    give; Su bhalâ–it is good for us all.
    Meanings : Hey Lord! listen to my prayer. All the
    comforts and distresses that you bestow on everyone
    according to the deeds earned by him in all his previous
    births are right.
    Her(i) rachnâ terî kiâ gat(i), merî
    Her(i) bin(u) gharî na jîvâ(n).
    Pria bajh(u) duhelî, koey n belî,
    gurmukh(i) amrit(u) pîvân.
    Meanings of Difficult Words : Gat(i)–condition; Duhelî–
    distressed; Belî–friend, helper; Gurmukh(i)–by the refuge of the
    Meanings : O Lord! I am so much engrossed in the
    mâyâ that you have created. What will be my condition?
    What is this life without You and without Your memory. I can’t
    even live for a watch. O my dear! without you I am ever
    in distress and there is no one to help me out of this
    distress. Be clement upon me and put me in the refuge of
    a Guru so that I may keep drinking the elixir that would grant
    me the spiritual life.
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  3. OP

    kds1980 India
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    Apr 4, 2005
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    Rachnâ râch(i) rahey nirankarî,
    Prabh man(i) karm sukarmâ.
    Nânak, panth(u) nihâley sa dhan,
    tû sunn(i) âtam Râmâ.1.
    Meaning of Difficult Words : Nirankarî rachnâ–in the
    creation of God; Su karmâ–supreme deeds; Panth(u)–path;
    Nihâley–is looking; Sâ dhan–human being (female); Âtam
    Râmâ–O Omnipresent Lord; Amrit(u)–elixir that grants spiritual
    Meanings : We the humans are engrossed in enjoying
    the mâyâ of the Lord. What life is it? Imbibing the memory
    of the Lord in the mind is a supreme act and this is the
    life objective of a human being.
    Hey Nanak! say, O Omnipresent Lord; please listen to
    the prayers of this humble lady (human being) and bless
    her with Your sight. This lady (human being) is ever
    watching the paths that may bring You to her.
    Gist : Because of the deeds of the previous births, a
    man remains engrossed in the love of mâyâ and spends
    a life of sufferings and distress. By His grace, who so ever
    comes into the refuge of a Guru, drinks deep the elixir that
    provides him with spiritual life and enjoy the spiritual
    ecstasy. This is what the objective of a human life is.
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