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Automating Difficult Table Re-linking

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Graham R Seach, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Graham R Seach

    Graham R Seach
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    I have a scenario which is slightly different to the norm.

    I have several Access 2003 mdb, mde, adp and ade applications, which are
    being migrated to Citrix. I need to figure out a way to re-link the tables
    (Jet-->Jet, and DSN-->ODBC-->SQL Server 2000/2005) in a way that is reliable,
    automatic and transparent to the user.

    Both the production and development environments are going to be located
    within the same domain, but since this will be a Citrix server farm, the
    applications could be served from any server in the farm. That being the
    case, determining whether the front-end is launched from production or
    development, is tricky, because they're in the same domain, and the server
    names won't necessarily provide the right answer. Depending on current server
    load and redundancy issues, production and development could be on the same
    server, or different servers; there's no way to know ahead of time.

    Some of these applications employ ULS, and since most users don't have
    permissions on the tables, attempts at re-linking under their security
    context will fail. I don't want to use hard-coded filepaths for obvious
    reasons, so I'm thinking about switching Jet links to ODBC via DSNs.

    I know very little about how Citrix serves applications, or how it handles
    filepaths, registry entries, and so on. For reasons I won't go into (for
    brevity), the Administrators are not in a position to advise me about how
    they will be implementing production and development, or how they will
    differ. For me, this means I have nothing concrete I can use to determine the
    applications' status (prod or dev).

    If anyone has solved this scenaro in the past, I'd be grateful for any
    advice as to how you solved it. Otherwise, any good ideas would be most

    Graham R Seach
    (Stumped Access MVP)
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