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1947-2014 (Archived)
Australian pub ejects man for wearing turban
(AFP) – 17 hours ago

BRISBANE, Australia — An Australian pub that has a no headwear policy was forced to apologise Monday after ejecting a Sikh man for refusing to take off his turban.

A staff member at the Royal English Hotel in Brisbane barred the man on Sunday.

A spokesman for Spirit Hotels, which runs the pub, said the decision was an oversight.

"Our hotels have a policy where patrons may be asked to remove headwear to help the venue manage security for staff and patrons," the spokesman told the Australian Associated Press.

"However, in this particular incident, the patron should not have been asked to remove his turban, and we are attempting to contact the patron to apologise."

Umesh Chandra, president of the Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin and the publisher of Brisbane's Indian Times, said the incident was isolated.

"Even in the police force the turban is widely respected and allowed to be worn by policemen," he said.


1947-2014 (Archived)
Associated Press
Australia pub apology for evicting turbaned Sikh

BRISBANE, Australia -- An Australian pub chain is apologizing to a Sikh man who was evicted from a bar for wearing a turban.

Spirit Hotels said in a statement said the man was wrongly evicted from a pub in the east coast city of Brisbane on Sunday because staff decided that his religious turban did not comply with its policy against patrons with headwear.

The statement said the chain was attempting to contact the patron on Monday to apologise.

Many pubs ban headwear so that troublemakers can be readily identified from security camera footage and because caps and beanies can make patrons appear untidy.


Perhaps Guruji is trying to tel the patron that pubs aren't the best place to find sadhsangat!!

However, when they say "pub", it may have been that he was attending the restaurant/bistro part of the pub with his friends or collegues for a meal (hopefully not a drink but chances are 50/50... 30/70...? 20/80....??).

A few years ago exactly the same thing happened in my city, but the Singh involved had to pursue the hotel for an apology. It's good that the hotel mentioned in the article is offering an apology without being harassed for one first.

It is strange that it still happens that people with turbans are banned from places for their "headgear", yet others don't bat an eyelid.

A couple of years ago I visited a strip-club (not much sadhsangat there either!!!) and there was a turban-wearing, bearded Sikh man in the row behind me, with a drink in one hand, watching the naked ladies. Do you think he would have made a fuss and gone to the newspapers if they hadn't let him in?

Sikh Gentleman Refused Entry To Strip Joint For Failing To Uncover His Head...

lol Pun entirely intended!! Please don't hit me! :grinningkaur:


Since I was ten years old, I have been the jumping jack of family. Most of the times I was brought on the dance floor in parties to break the ice :| antics include winning a group dance in college.

In Hyderabad, city where I got Khande di Pahul, we organized a function for Maaghi Mela. We had a bhangra item too. One of the veers from Sangat sent us a mail seeing dancing from prospective of Guru. I did go ahead with my performance (shameless on my part), but that put a thought on my mind forever. As such the Sangat kept me busy enough, I stopped going to clubs altogether (which was anyway like 4-5 times a year).

The last straw was my last week in Hyderabad. My friends from school took me to club, mostly coz they had a program. I was totally clueless there. Trying to figure out why I was there. Never felt so lost. And things got sorted out when I was in Canada, for they wouldn't allow in any guy wearing a 9 inch Shastra no matter what. My cousin felt sad, he held me his dancing idol (talk of unintentional inspiration).

I once was asked to stay out of an IPL game because of my Kirpan. Since the game was after Nagar Kirtans which had miffed the policemen, I think they were enforcing it on-the-go. I had traveled 40km on bike with friends (who were in a/c car :D) and i returned alone. Yes my mind was boiling hot, but overall I knew I can give up game of IPL but not Kirpan. It didn't make sense to let press know about it. It was one-off incidents and such run ins with police are common, can happen with anyone.

A couple of years ago I visited a strip-club (not much sadhsangat there either!!!) and there was a turban-wearing, bearded Sikh man in the row behind me

It could have been me if this happened 5 years ago to you (of course no drink in my hand and before I came to Hyd). I fell into the trap of being first-time-indian-guy-in-foreign-land. It is probably the most horrifying experience of my life. And you realize that when you are out. The place reeked of unpleasant atmosphere and was fully of unhappy souls.

I guess Sangat is really important for you to not to get into such sticky situations. Better fly with the doves than stand with an albatross around your neck.


Clubs I hate due to the atmosphere but pubs come in all shapes and sizes and are sometimes unavoidable. It is not necessary to drink alcohol in a pub and with the smoking ban it is often not too bad a place to be. Social life in many countries including UK and Australia revolves around the pub. Several professional meetings have been held in a pub so what to do......stick to your principles and be aware!!

Harry Haller

Panga Master
I have only ever been to a strip club once, in my youth, when I was still turbaned, with a friend of mine that wanted to go. I personally could not see the point. A girl came over and offered to dance, I really could not see the point of watching a woman strip while dancing, I mean, where do you look, what sort of look do you adopt on your face, she danced for my friend first, he looked excited and lustful, to me on the other hand, it was quite like someone wafting a huge juicy steak under your nose, but not letting you eat it. Her friend came over and started dancing clothed, again, I was not quite sure what to do, where to look, I settled on a sort of polite smile, but I really had no wish to be part of a voyeuristic orgy, the place was just so clinical and false, the girl asked what I would like her to do for me, I asked if she could get me some peanuts, dry roasted if possible, we were ejected a few minutes later......nice places!


Hahaha! Great story Harry ji!!

I have only been once, and it was a few years ago before my faith increased. I have been to male-stripper clubs a few times before I went to the female one. Each time I went to the male one I drank so much I don't remember most of the acts. :( (frowny face for the drinking, not the not remembering!!)

I went to the female club with my husband just after we got married simply because I would get very angry at the concept and wanted to de-mystify it for myself. What I thought would be terribly sleazy and tempting for the men, I agree, was quite clinical. I actually felt quite sorry for the young men who were getting drunk, getting too excited and trying to touch the women who would slap them and take all their special stripper-money. And I was grossed out by the older men, the obvious regulars.

I couldn't dream of going back to one now. Boooring.

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