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Append Query

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by salmonella, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. salmonella

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    This is different but similar to another problem I sought advice on.

    If you have two tables, A & B, and they are joined with a left join in a
    select query, it will return all records in A even if there is not a matching
    record in B.

    HOWEVER, if I change the query to an append query and there are no matching
    records in table B, then the record in Table A will not be returned. How can
    I get around this so that a record that matches the parameter in A will be
    returned when there is not a matching record in table B? Thus it is not a
    matter of the field in table B being null, but rather that there is no
    matching record at all.

    In actuality there are about 5 tables joined and I am running an append
    query across them all and I would like to still return a record if it
    matches, for example, the parameters for tables A,B and C even if there is
    not a matching record in table D.

    Any ideas?

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