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Addressing Subreport Groups From A Main Report

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Darrell, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Darrell

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    I have created two subreports on a main report to address the issue of
    different groupings in two different sections of a report. Now I have a
    followup issue.

    How do I now refer to controls on subreports? To be more specific: I give
    the user the option to view summary or detail. If they indicate "summary", I
    make all the "interior" groupings invisible, and vice versa. And, I also
    collect parameters (begin and end date) which the main record source and a
    whole group of "totals" queries employ in presenting the final report.

    With two subreports on a main report, how do I now address the groupings in
    the subreports and universally apply the collected parameter?

    Regarding the groupings on the subreport: on the Open Event of the main
    report I want to hide or show groupings on the subreports.

    I have tried:
    Reports!subreportcontainername!groupheadername.visible = true|false
    Reports!subreportcontainername!subreportname!groupheadername.visible =
    Reports!subreportname!groupheadername.visible = true|false
    Me!subreportcontainername!groupheadername.visible = true|false
    Me.subreportcontainername!groupheadername.visible = true|false
    Me.Controls("subreportcontainername").visible = true|false
    ...and several other variations

    and none of them work. How do I talk to the subreport!?

    I have not gotten as far as universally applying the collected parameter,
    since I haven't yet solved the above issue.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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