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Add To Certain Values Based On Another Field In The Database

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Luna Saisho, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Luna Saisho

    Luna Saisho
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    I have made a database to track our warehouse employees that's coming along
    great! But, believe it or not, I'm stuck in one area. :) I'm not an expert
    by any means with Access, but I have a good grip on what I'm doing now.

    So here's the deal... Of all the information entered, I need to have a
    report add up values based on the area they worked in. I have one field that
    allows you to select where they worked, such as Shipping or Palletizer, and
    two other fields, shift and hours. Shift and hours tell us what shift they
    worked, and how many hours they worked for.

    So what I need help with, is if, say... one person works 8 hours in
    Shipping, it needs to add their hours to a Shipping Hours value, and if they
    worked in Palletizer, it would have to go to a Palletizer value, and so on
    for five different catagories. Then I just average pallets handled with the
    hours for that area in the report, which is the easy bit.

    Can anyone lend a hand pointing me in the right direction?

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  3. OP
    Luna Saisho

    Luna Saisho
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    I realize I didn't describe things well enough, so here's some bits that I
    think might help someone help me... The layout of the report I'm working on
    is something like this:

    Employee name
    Date Stats for the various areas (This line repeats
    for all dates requested)
    Area worked
    Summary/Averages of above information
    Summary of all areas, shown at bottom of report

    It's that summary at the bottom that I'm having issues with. In order to
    get the right averages of pallets handled, I need to add the hours in the
    Date lines for each catagory.

    If anyone can help, it would be so very appreciated.
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