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Access2000: Query

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Arvi Laanemets, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. Arvi Laanemets

    Arvi Laanemets
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    I have a table where routes for cars are registered
    Routes: RouteID, EndTime, CarID, ..., EndKm
    (EndKm is total mileage for particular car after route, and is entered into
    table by user)

    I have a query (p.e. Q1, which returns total mileage for every car in Routes
    table after latest
    route for every month:

    SELECT b.MonthStr, a.CarID, a.EndKm As KmX
    FROM Routes AS a, Q2 AS b
    WHERE a.EndTime= b.TimeX AND a.CarID=b.CarID;

    , where Q2:
    SELECT Format$([Routes].[EndTime],'yyyy\.mm') AS MonthStr, Routes.CarID,
    MAX(Routes.EndTime) AS TimeX
    FROM Routes
    GROUP BY Format$([Routes].[EndTime],'yyyy\.mm'), Routes.CarID;

    This all works. But I need now another column in query Q1, where starting
    mileage for those cars and months is calculated. The rules for such
    calculation are:
    - the starting mileage (Km0) will be equal to latest existing mileage
    entry in Routes table for this car from all previous months.
    - when there were no entries for this car before the month, calculation
    is made for, the Km0 equals to according mileage value from special starting
    parameters table (StartValues)

    StartValues: EntryID, CarID, Date, Km, ...
    (any car can have several entries here - it depends on date, which one is
    taken in account)

    I.e. the query Q1 must be something like
    SELECT b.MonthStr, a.CarID, <Expression> As Km0, a.EndKm As KmX
    FROM Routes AS a, Q2 AS b, ...
    WHERE a.EndTime= b.TimeX AND a.CarID=b.CarID ...;

    Has anyone some idea for best way to achieve this?
    Thanks in advance!
    Arvi Laanemets
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