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sikhs in canada

  1. Admin

    Jagmeet Singh and 18 other Sikhs Win MP Seats In Canada

    As many as 18 MPs belonging to the Sikh community were recently elected to the Lower House in Canada. This number is higher than the Sikh MPs in India's Lok Sabha Jagmeet Singh along with 18 other Sikhs from different parties in Canada will be part of the new Canadian Parliament. Jagmeet Singh...
  2. Admin

    Canada Pte. Bukkan Singh Remembered As 1st Sikh To Fight For Canada

    The first Sikh man to enlist with the Canadian army fought in the First World War and left behind a proud legacy for his Sikh community, but his contribution was in danger of being forgotten until a historian stumbled on his medals in a pawn shop. Pte. Bukkan Singh is not as well known in...
  3. Admin

    Canada Sikh Heritage Celebration An ‘eye-opening’ Exhibit In Oakville

    Many not aware of Sikh community’s contributions to Canada Jarnail Panesar came to Canada in 1966 with one bag slung over his shoulder and $50 in his pocket. Two years later, Panesar settled in Oakville, becoming one of the town’s first Sikh residents. Little did he know that he was blazing a...