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sikh women empower

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    We Must Support This Petition - Empowering Sikh Women To Administer Amrit Sanchar

    There is a petition initiated in which women will begin the " Amrit Sanchar". We must support this petition and women should get their rights because our Sikh religion is the great and foremost, it doesn't believes in caste system, then why there is a discrimination between men and women...
  2. G

    Is It A Sin? Uplifting Women And Giving Them Practically Equal Rights In Each Custom And Ritual

    Is it a sin? Uplifting women and giving them practically equal rights in each custom and ritual of Sikh religion Thakur Dalip Namdhari did Amrit Sanchar (Baptise) by Amritdhari women to flourish amritdhari community. is it wrong or right ? Yesterday Akal Takht Sahib has announced that they...
  3. N

    Empowering Sikh Women. How?

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ke Fatheh My name is Sarbjit Kaur. I am a Visual Artist and educator and at present am doing a MA is relation to women and Sikhi. The title of my MA is: The under-representation of women in Sikh visual culture. This is my starting point. I am sure it will...
  4. V

    Hard Talk Female Jathedar(nis) Of Takhat

    Gurfateh Till this date we have no faith where female have head the faith as far as Das knows. Das wants to know that can we have Female as Jathedar/Jathedarnis of Holy Takhats.