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  1. Ishna

    Spiritual Perhaps One Of My Favourite Spiritual Quotes Of All Time

    “Rabe'a al-Adiwiyah, a great woman saint of Sufism, was seen running through the streets of her hometown, Basra, carrying a torch in one hand and a bucket of water in the other. When someone asked her what she was doing, she answered, 'I am going to take this bucket of water and pour it on the...
  2. aristotle

    India Fake Encounter Specialist Cop Quits, Quotes Guru Gobind Singh Sahib In His Resignation Letter

    Suspended Gujarat police officer D.G. Vanzara has quit the IPS after alleging that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and former minister of state for home Amit Shah were also to blame for “encounter deaths” in Gujarat that have kept him and 31 other officers in jail for years. Vanzara said...
  3. Ambarsaria

    Positive Interfaith Quotes And Art

    I post one below about Sikhism. I would love to see other such posted for other religions and faiths as noted by outsiders. Outsiders being one's from outside looking in or being of a different faith than what they are commenting upon! Regards.
  4. Astroboy

    Wonderful Quotes By Converts

    I found many unforgettable phrases which came from the bottom of their hearts - the converts into Sikhism. Reading them actually fills me with a kind of satisfaction and bliss that can only be experienced and appreciated. I will start the ball rolling for others to add in theirs too. "After...
  5. bscheema

    Famous Quotes About Sikhs And Sikhi

    Sir Winston Churchill was very well conversant with the bravery of the Sikhs, who had fought for Britain in the World Wars. Churchill while speaking in the British Parliament said: ".....It is a matter of regret that due to the obsession of the present times people are distorting the superior...
  6. K

    Leisure Hindi Food Quotes

    Hindi Food Quotes | ifood.tv Hindi Food Quotes Doodh ka jala, chhaachh bhi phook phook kar peeta hai Literal – One who’s burnt his tongue having hot mik will even blow over buttermilk, before drinking it?!? (somebody plz translate that for me!) English equivalent – Once bitten, twice...
  7. H

    Poetry Poetry Quotes

    A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a love sickness. Poetry is what gets lost in translation. Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. All the arts come from God and are to be respected as divine...
  8. R

    Arts/Society A New Sms Service Of Daily Sikhi Quotes

    A new sms service of Daily Sikhi Quotes Join from mobile SMS to 567678 Join SikhismOnline only for indian mobile subscribers... it is something like sikhnetwork but a little bit different
  9. Admin

    Leisure Quotes Written On The Rearside Of Trucks In Punjab

    This topic will take a record of all such messages... I would request everybody to contribute in this topic as and when a hilarious quote strikes you. Have fun!!
  10. Astroboy

    Leisure Selected Chess Quotes

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Everyone feel free to add Chess Quotes they know of. Selected Chess Quotes never underestimate your opponent Play shrewdly, and the victory will be waiting for you in the end. Mastery takes time; and time requires patience...
  11. S

    Sikh Quotes

    Quotes in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Quotes from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji have been collected and organized according to the topic they belong to. Keep in mind that one quote can belong to more than one topic. You could look at the various quotes by searching the topic...
  12. C

    Interesting Quotes From The Qu'ran, Selected By A Sceptic

    From http://www.skepticsannotatedbible.com/quran/index.html Allah will leave the disbelievers alone for a while, but then he will compel them to the doom of Fire. 2:126 - And when Abraham prayed: My Lord! Make this a region of security and bestow upon its people fruits, such of them as...