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  1. Tejwant Singh

    Nam Niranjan Neel Narayan - Nirinjan Kaur At Spirit Fest 2010

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/u4NYOQK0yLA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  2. spnadmin

    Gurus Weapons Of Guru Gobind Singh's 'Shaster Nam Mala'

    The Chief Khalsa Diwan’s museum boasts of 75 weapons mentioned in the ‘Shastar Naam Mala’ penned by Guru Gobind Singh. Weapons on display at the Chief Khalsa Diwan museum located on the Central Khalsa Orphanage premises in Amritsar. You may have seen museums preserving articles of historic...
  3. G

    Nam Khumari Nanka Chari Rahey Din Raat

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh Never before in the annals of human and spiritual history, such a universal, totally secular and non-sectarian religion, been acclaimed and established on such a cosmic and unique foundation which radiates the holy lustre of lovers-divine of all...
  4. svea00

    The Japji Sahib By Yogi Press, Sat Nam Media

    Sat sri akaal! I´m new to sikhism and currently reading mostly different translations on the SGGS. I found some translations of the japji sahib in Swedish and German that differ a lot from the English ones I´ve previously read and leaving me confused. They´re mostly from 3ho, kunalini yoga...
  5. S

    Nam Ke Dhare Sagle Jant

    nwm ky Dwry sgly jMq ] nwm ky Dwry KMf bRhmMf ] nwm ky Dwry isimRiq byd purwn ] nwm ky Dwry sunn igAwn iDAwn ] nwm ky Dwry Awgws pwqwl ] nwm ky Dwry sgl Awkwr ] nwm ky Dwry purIAw sB Bvn ] nwm kY sMig auDry suin sRvn ] kir ikrpw ijsu AwpnY nwim lwey ] nwnk cauQy pd mih so jnu giq pwey ]5]...
  6. S

    Proper Way Of Doing Simran

    As for as your question about the proper way of doing Simran. Well...I'm sure everyone would give you a different answer but in my experience the following things made my meditation very powerful and focused. Use a Mental Focus: 1. Focus at your third eye point (with your eyes closed...focusing...
  7. R

    General Just A Question

    ijnI AYsw hir nwmu n cyiqE sy kwhy jig Awey rwm rwjy ] (450-8, Awsw, mÚ 4) Those who have not kept the Lord's Name in their consciousness - why did they bother to come into the world, O Lord King? It is taken from SGGS ji. The meaning Of the 'tuk' is obvious. However, no one comes of one's...

    What Is The Meaning Of Sat Nam?

    wjkk wjkf as we all are familiar about this word satnam{u}nd its use again nd again in gurmat doctrine . we says tht the meanin of SATNAM[U} the person whose name is true that means rest of the people{s} name is false . can anyone give me logically answer i would appreciate i am a learner and...
  9. N

    Finnish Museum Hosts A Journey To Viet Nam (Viet Nam News)

    An exhibition of Vietnamese painting presently on view in Helsinki, is introducing Finland to the "strangeness and simplicity" of Vietnamese art. Khanh Chi tells of how art can open a window on a culture...