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    Gurus What Was In Guru Nanak's Potli?

    We all know that Guru Nanak spent many years of his life traveling across the South East Asia. Ever wondered what all did he carry with him in all his travels? Please reply to this post by suggesting what items Guru Nanak would have carried in all his travels. Please respond with the item name...
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    Christianity British (Christians) Interference In Sikh Faith

    Dear all - I have been thinking about this topic for a long time (about 4 years now). Most religions practiced in the world originated thousands of years ago. Hinduism has been prevalent in India for more than 5000 years, Buddhism is about 2500 years old, Christianity and Judaism are more...
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    Members Of This Forum

    Dear all readers - Just be warned that not all members of this forum are sikhs. We welcome all non-sikhs to this forum, though there are certain members who are posing to be Sikhs and try to redefine Sikhism. I am not against non sikhs members, I actaully welcome them. What I am trying to tell...
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    Has Anyone Seen This?

    Please let me know if anyone has seen these posters in circulation anywhere. Thanks
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    Christianity Christianity In Punjab

    Dear all - I attended a convention organized by Amerian Academy of Religion - Society of Biblical Literature in Philadelphia in November 2005. There were hundereds of discussion/presentations held over three days period. There were many interesting topics covered. Among many other topics, there...
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    Sikhism And Evolution

    Dear all - I am not sure if this topic has already been discussed. With so many schools in USA debating on the issue of Evolution, I was wondering what is Sikhism's stand on this issue. Some Chritians believe that the Theory of Evolution goes against the their belief that God created the...
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    What Is Sikhi And What Does It Leads To?

    Dear all - I am looking for a single line, an unambigous answer to my question: What is Sikhi and what does it leads to? Regards, Baljeet Singh