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  1. dalvindersingh grewal

    1984-8 Civil Authorities in Op Blue Star

    1984-8 Civilian Authorities Responsible for OP Blue Star Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal Giani Zail Singh Gyani Zail Singh (5 May 1916 – 25 December 1994), was the Chief Minister of Punjab (1972-1977), Home-Minister of India (1980-24 July 1982) and President of India (25 July 1982 – 25 July...
  2. dalvindersingh grewal

    1984-7 Sequence of Events

    Timeline: 1984 Operation Blue Star I collected the material on Operation Blue Stars, the events leading and following through the available materials, interviews, personal visits, videographing, photographing and observing the changing situation. The Operation has been termed as a sequence to...
  3. dalvindersingh grewal

    1984-6: Views From Other Side

    I have already gone through this interview. The most part of the interview has been published in his book as well. I have also met Lt Gen Brar. I shall be dealing with it in detail in a later chapter when I discuss the operation and its conduct. Most of his claims are proved wrong. Please wait...
  4. dalvindersingh grewal

    1984-6: Views From Other Side

    1984-6: Views from Other Side Dr. Dalvinder Singh Grewal I had a fair idea about the operations from two points of views i.e., the Army operations within the complex and the Sikhs around the complex but wanted to know about those who hated Sant Bhindranwale and projected him as a demon. These...
  5. dalvindersingh grewal

    1984-5 Reactions From The Public In Amritsar

    1984-5 Reactions From the Public in Amritsar Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal With a bleeding heart, I returned towards the Dukh Bhanjani Beri with the officer. The stinking smell made me feel lousy. Near Dukh Bhabjani Beri, the officer told me that he had to visit the Tactical Headquarters of his...
  6. dalvindersingh grewal

    1984-4 Sri Darbar Sahib (continued)

    1984-4 Sri Darbar Sahib (Continued) Dr. Dalvinder Singh Grewal We came down from Bunga Sahib and went towards Sri Darbar Sahib Complex. At the Gate towards the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee office, I found track marks of tanks on the stones and a number of stones have been pressed...
  7. dalvindersingh grewal

    1984-3 Sri Darbar Sahib

    1984-3 Sri Darbar Sahib Dr. Dalvinder Singh Grewal I travelled by bus from Patiala and reached Sri Amritsar on 9 June 1984. The entire route was badly barricaded and there were too many checks by soldiers and police. Every check made me...
  8. dalvindersingh grewal

    1984-2: At Patiala

    1984-2: At Patiala Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal I reached Patiala on 8 June 1984 and stayed with my brother who was posted in income tax department there. During discussions with him, I shared my experiences of 1984 with him. He was touched and felt pained at the turn of events but he had more...
  9. dalvindersingh grewal

    1984-the Proglogue-1

    1984-The Prologue-1 Dr. Dalvinder Singh Grewal I have been deeply attached to the Sri Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) Sri Amritsar since my childhood. This attachment got further increased when I was posted to 15 Artillery Brigade in Amritsar in 1974 from field area in Kashmir. Our going to...
  10. dalvindersingh grewal

    Universal Relevance Of Guru Nanak’s Philosophy

    Universal Relevance of Guru Nanak’s Philosophy Dr. Dalvinder Singh Grewal Guru Nanak’s Times Guru Nanak’s time was the period of religious, political and cultural turmoil. The prevailing religions; Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Islam had become corrupt and degenerated. They had lost...
  11. dalvindersingh grewal

    Strategies Adopted By Nawab Kapur Singh

    The material including letters recorded confirm Mata Sahib Kaur's existence and marriage connection with Sri Guru Gobind Singh
  12. dalvindersingh grewal

    Strategies Adopted By Nawab Kapur Singh

    Strategies adopted by Nawab Kapur Singh in Maintaining Identity of Sikhs against the Ruthless Rulers in Most Turbulent Times Dr. Dalvinder Singh Grewal Sardar Kapur Singh (1697-1753/1764) is considered one of the most revered, pivotal and legendary figures in Sikh history post-1716. Under his...
  13. dalvindersingh grewal

    Use Of Discourses As Effective Tools Of Communication By Guru Nanak

    This is part of the forthcoming book, "Guru Nanak Dev ji as communicator par excellence' being published by Guru Nanak Foundation which will be in PDF later.
  14. dalvindersingh grewal

    Use Of Discourses As Effective Tools Of Communication By Guru Nanak

    Use of Discourses as Effective Tools of Communication by Guru Nanak Dr. Dalvinder Singh Grewal Introduction A discourse is an address or a verbal expression of a religious nature in the form of verbal exchange or conversation in speech or...
  15. dalvindersingh grewal

    Travelling From Mind To Soul

    Travelling from Mind to Soul Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal We are all attached to the world kind courtesy our mind. We are also attached to God kind courtesy our soul. Our mind controls our body and senses and the senses are the outlets of the body towards the world. Our body’s needs like hunger...
  16. dalvindersingh grewal

    Amritsar Tragedy

    The Amritsar Tragedy Col Dr. D S Grewal The mowing down of around 60 and injuring around 50 (forty being very serious) at Amritsar Dhobi Ghat in Chaura Bazaar area on the eve of Dussehra (19-10-2018) by DMU Train moving at a speed of 110 kmph has shocked India especially Punjab. More shocking...
  17. dalvindersingh grewal

    Guru Nanak In Turkey And Beyond Dr Dalvi

    GURU NANAK IN TURKEY AND BEYOND Dr.Dalvider Singh Grewal Bhai Mardana requested: “If we have come this far, why not visit Turkey (Rum) and Sham Desh.” Guru Nanak said, “Let us go.” Guru Nanak and Mardana met the king of Turkey. [1] King of Turkey was Selim I (1512-1520 AD) son of...
  18. dalvindersingh grewal

    Gurus Guru Nanak In Egypt

    I have written 45 books so far. Four more will be out this year. All topics are different. Latest ones are 'Introduction to nanoelectronics' and 'Japuji Sahib explained as per SGGS'. I am now writing encyclopedia Guru Nanak as desired by OUP.
  19. dalvindersingh grewal

    Gurus Guru Nanak In Egypt

    I have written 'Guru Nanak Travels to North and East Asia' published by 'National Book Shop' Delhi; Amazing Travels of Guru Nanak, and So Than Suhawa, both by Shromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, Global Travels of Guru Nanak, Singh Bros ( Two Vols) in print
  20. dalvindersingh grewal

    Gurus Guru Nanak In Egypt

    I will be grateful if you add more facts into the research on Guru Nanak's Global Travels. i will add these in the second edition of my book by giving due acknowledgment.