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    Hard Talk Racists And Bigots Are Amongst Us. How Would You Have Reacted'?

    The OP is sharing the experience of a black convert to the faith, a certain Tegh Singh. In any event, Sikhs are human and humans are fallible, so I could certainly see this situation happening.
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    Did The Gurus Encourage Matha Tek?

    I don't know, but for some reason I am reminded of the Grand Inquisitor character in Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov, when he tells the returned Jesus that the Church doesn't need him anymore. :veryhappymunda:
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    What Is The Significance Of A Garba (garva/lotta) In Sikh Faith?

    Perhaps the wood is the self, water is ritualistic behavior and/or purification rites, and the fire is of course the cremation pyre? On that view, it is a comment on the futility of religious activity for its own sake only.
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    What Is The Significance Of A Garba (garva/lotta) In Sikh Faith?

    Wow, I never thought of that! The phrase "thugs of benares" is a quite evocative condemnation. Although, having been to Varanasi as a child and seeing all the fraudulent babas myself, it is completely understandable. I can only imagine what the meeting between the armies of "miracle" workers...
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    History Sikhs And Communists

    I am completely unqualified to define Sikh theological concepts but I was introduced to the term by Jagraj Singh, e.g., here: Of course, he was a particular individual with a particular point of view, but I will leave it to others to give a precise definition.
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    Sikh Leader Caught Kissing Transsexual

    "HarSimrenjit Singh committed a big sin within the code of conduct as an (Amritdhari) baptised Sikh. He very bravely accepted his mistake and decided to broadcast his apology as many in our community were hurt by his actions." OK, Kaam is a sin, and if this person is married thats bad, but...
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    History Sikhs And Communists

    If I had to speculate, I would say that the Communist advocacy of secularism will always attract certain people of minority religions. As well as the issue of land reform for a largely agricultural state. I suspect these sardars are farmers. One thing is sure, India has lots of communists...
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    Atheist Son Of Sikh Parents Need Advice Asap

    If you absolutely must take cannabis, for God's sake take it as a drink or food or vapor instead of smoking it! Protect your lungs!
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    Hard Talk I'm At The Verge Of Losing My Faith In Sikhi. Maybe Already Have. I Need Advice.

    In my experience, 3HO uncritically transmits all the legendary stuff from the janamsakhis, such as the Gurus being polygamous, the existence of Bhai Bala, et cetera. This is alongside lots of vaguely "Indian" stuff like tantra, yoga, astrology, and vegetarianism; but I would place most of the...
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    Hard Talk How Many Sikhs Have Married Out Of Caste/race?

    OK, I'll take half-baked guesses too! Interesting, thanks. The response of the local Hindutva party betrays are rare degree of arrogance: I thought I was bad, I'm nothing compared to that ^
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    Hard Talk How Many Sikhs Have Married Out Of Caste/race?

    I have a serious follow up question that I've been wanting to ask of somebody knowledgeable in the matter for some time. I read on Wikipedia that when Dr. Ambdekar and his half-million followers repudiated Hinduism in the mid-20th century, that he investigated Sikhi (amongst other panths) before...
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    Hard Talk How Many Sikhs Have Married Out Of Caste/race?

    If I married a girl who is part 1/5th part Vedic Aryan, 1/5th part Dravidian, 1/5th part Greek, 1/5th part Turk, and 1/5th part Mongol ... does that count? But seriously... I did marry outside my caste (none), race (gora), and religion (Christian) I figure I am doing my Christian in-laws an...
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    I Want To Attend Gudwara. But All Of Their Contact Numbers Are Useless

    Here's a testimony of a Canadian couple who (re-)converted to Sikhi and (amongst other observations in the video) describe feeling isolated/alienated when they went to the gurdwara: Question: is it a Punjabi thing? As a gora (grew up in the 3HO cult), I have never found Punjabis to be...
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    Nadar Karey Jay Apnee | ਨਦਰਿ ਕਰਹਿ ਜੇ ਆਪਣੀ

    I would like to know this also. For whatever it is worth, Google Translate sides with the Vedic/Taksalee/Yogic interpretation! Google Translate Well, actually it says it means "really", but closer to the word "truth" in the mundane sense of the word IMO. I've been slowly going through...
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    Harbans Singh Commentary On Nitnem

    Thank you for that Sahejdari link, I found the explication there quite helpful. (Spoiler alert -- Dharam Raj is a pseudonym for Yama, India's Grim Reaper.) It makes sense that any religious teacher worth his salt, let alone the Satguru would use common fables and idioms to get the moral of the...
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    Harbans Singh Commentary On Nitnem

    His commentary is in English, but for whatever reason he left his quotations untranslated. I'll try to scan or type up his words. It is indeed as you say, rather Christian sounding, to me anyways.
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    Harbans Singh Commentary On Nitnem

    Thanks for the feedback! I am embarrassed because I don't know how to cite from the SGGS at all. I do have some grasp of the Gurmukhi alphabet so I can "translate" the characters in Harbans Singh's citation though. The passage for "Izrael" (I suspect this is the same angel that the Christians...
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    Harbans Singh Commentary On Nitnem

    I guess I'll have to learn Gurmukhi and figure it out myself :)
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    Sikhism On The Rise In Pakistan

    Exactly! On the one hand I think it is perfectly reasonable for a Dalit to convert to a religion that doesn't degrade them in Pakistan or any other country on earth. But this story alarms me as a humanitarian, because freedom of conscience means one should be allowed to be Hindu if your soul...
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    Harbans Singh Commentary On Nitnem

    There is an english edition of Nitnem translated by Harbans Singh Doabia that also contains a chapter called 'The Next World' wherein he describes the fate of the soul after death. His explanations are in english but he leaves the quotes to back up his descriptions in gurmukhi. I don't...