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the ole switcheroo - splitting a db

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Robert Blackwell, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. Robert Blackwell

    Robert Blackwell
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    I need to split my db and its a little intimidating. I've created my backup
    so I'm safe and good to go.
    The db is hosted on another computer currently we've just been accessing it
    through a folder share and by double clicking the file.

    The split has been completed successfully but I just have a few questions.
    It looks like the front end has replaced the original file.mdb that I
    started with. My question is if I copy that file.mdb to other computers will
    I have to tell it the source comptuers IP or shared folder address? I dont
    want to mess anything up so I haven't used the db yet since the split.

    Additionally, it appears that I created the backend file one folder below
    the front end by mistake. If I move the backend file up a folder or anywhere
    else for that matter, how will that affect the front end file? Will it break
    the links? If so, how do you relink?

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  3. Albert D.Kallal

    Albert D.Kallal
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  4. Robert Blackwell

    Robert Blackwell
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    Thanks, easy read.
  5. Robert Blackwell

    Robert Blackwell
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    Oh, the Make MDE option is grayed out, what do I do?
  6. Robert Blackwell

    Robert Blackwell
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    Oh never mind, my mdb is 2000 I have xp, thanks again.

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