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SQL UPDATE table ...

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by fth, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. fth

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    I've a problem to solve this:

    FMainFmD is my main form with my contact list
    FSubMontDemDetail (Details) showing records link to my contact
    (relation 1-n) data provided by table "eventDetail"
    In FSubMontDemDetail (Form Header), I've some unbounded fields (DefTotNbr,
    DefmidiMange, ... with default value I want in all records visible in
    table EventDetail)

    then I make following code:

    Private Sub BtAttrib_Click()
    DoCmd.RunSQL ("UPDATE EventDetail " & _
    "SET " & _
    "EventDetail.TotalNbr =
    [Forms]![FMainFmD]![FSubMontDemDetail].[Form]![DefTotNbr]," & _
    "EventDetail.Rmidi =
    [Forms]![FMainFmD]![FSubMontDemDetail].[Form]![DefmidiMange]" & _
    "WHERE (((FSubMontDemDetail.IdBenev)= me![ID]));")

    My button is in FMainFmD form.

    Someone to help me on this?
    many thanks by advance

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