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RE: Sorting Issues

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by KARL DEWEY, Nov 10, 2005.


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    Use two tables - one for well identification another for Comms Issues.
    WellID - Autonumber - primary key
    Identifier - Text - fill in the complete location identifier (not just LSD).
    Description - Text
    Location - Text
    Physical Operator - Text
    Legal Operator - Text
    Remarks - Memo

    Comms Issues--
    ErrorID - Autonumber - primary key
    WellID - Number - Integer - foreign key
    Open Date
    Working Interest
    Previous Day %
    Previous Hours
    Close Date

    "Connie T." wrote:

    > Its like this, I am creating a database in which I am inserting different
    > well locations and each of the communication errors that occur. I have found
    > that the ONLY primary key that I can use is the LSD location (example
    > 6-36-064-09w6/00). I have created a table called Comms Issues, which
    > includes the following fields:
    > Location
    > Physical Operator
    > Legal Operator
    > Open Date
    > Status
    > Pirority
    > Working Interest
    > Previous Day %
    > Previous Hours and
    > Comments.
    > The problem I run into, as I am inserting previous data from months past, is
    > usually one well will have only one communications problem per day, but they
    > definitely have more than one communication problem all together (example 1
    > years time). Access will not let me insert the same well twice in one table,
    > how do you suggest I get around this problem?
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